Bridesmaid Dresses Classic Styles

Let's talk about weddings. I want to draw your attention to bridesmaids dresses that are so special for a big day. Just imagine bride posing with bridesmaids who appear in the similar style and color ensembles. That's an ideal picture for looking back on in the future. Well, the hardest challenges so far is to make them all wearing quite the same gowns on your wedding day, as you all know women are individual and want to look very unique and special no matter what is the occasion.

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That's why our mission for today is to figure out the best options that will surely suite every friend who is going to be a bridesmaid. I have some fun ways for your consideration that will sure make everyone happy. Why don't you try on same style dress in different colors. Of course some of you might say that the length or a shape is kind of stupid, though you might choose your favorite color that might be kind of compromise for everyone.

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I personally felt in love with the rich blue color of these gowns:

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Let's admit that everyone has that color in which they look super, right? If you have a definite color motif for the wedding, then it's better to ask friends to choose the shade from dark to light one. You can make things more creative by asking girls to choose the same style gown in different colors and different necklines, by letting them freely pick the upper part that will distinguish them from one another. You can ask your friends to choose the specific color, though different style, so they can choose mini, midi or maxi looks.

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Here we see different neckline designs but in the same pastel shades:

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Here we see the same color ensembles with different necklines:

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If you still want your girls to have the same design and shade, then you can simply tell the exact color and design you want them to tailor. Speaking of details then you can ask them to have different style ensembles, but with one common element, like a floral accessory, ruffles, lace detailing, etc. Hope these tips will help you, please comment if you have something to add.

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