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It's been a while since my last post about wedding garments. Today I want to draw your attention to new wedding dresses styles to try this 2018. You might say: "WTF?! Are there any trends in wedding fashion!?" Well, I can't say there are obvious changes what can be found in ready to wear fashion, but every bride knows that everything is in details. Of course there are things that never change, like classic white color, floor-length and dreamy details (I mean lace and various embroideries). The real beauty hides in exciting embellishments. You are going to see magnificent two-piece styles, frilly flair voluminous skirts, sheer overlays, excellent silhouettes, tiered ball gowns, etc. All in all, I want to share with you seven trends that are very important for this 2018 and 2019 years. Hope you will enjoy this compilation and choose your favorite trend:

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The separates are very important this year. This trend appeared not so long time ago, but it's already in center of everyone's attention. No matter if you go for a mid-drift or choose a skin-shielding two-piece, this is a perfect way to add a modern appearance to your very special day.

How about wearing tiered skirt? If you want to take your full skirt one step further, then you better try tiered skirts which looks sexy as hell! This dramatic style is for those ladies who are in love with volume and fun:

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Just add an accent sash. Personally, I love to see something classic embellished with perfect details, like we see Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera and Jenny Packham white ensembles accessorized with contrasting colored sash. It’s fun, modern and totally must-have! If you do like idea adding a pop of color to your gown, then the sash is a perfect choice so far:

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Ball gown skirts isn't a new trend, though it's a huge comeback nowadays. I love a fair share of slim silhouettes updated with dramatic ball gown skirts. It reminds me of Cinderella princess style:

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If you want yourself a classy and timeless look, then try embellished sleeves. This look will make you look very sweet and ultra-elegant. Try those beautiful accents which will add serious glam to your dress:

New Wedding Dresses Styles 2015 (5)

If you do want something contemporary and truly wow, then you better choose pant suits. If you do not feel like wearing a dress, then you better try crispy pantsuit:

New Wedding Dresses Styles 2015 (6)

The partial overlay will for sure add an ancient accent to your outfit. I love the romantic touch of this classic update:

New Wedding Dresses Styles 2015 (7)

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