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How To Wear Distressed Denim & Ripped Jeans

When the trend is coming back and it's on the highest peak! Today I bring you this stunning collection of destroyed denim. We are going to see how to wear distressed denim and ripped jeans in the streets. This cool urban style can be worn with absolutely anything you want, starting from cool tops and blouses to leather jackets and tailored coats. But, there is a big BUT when we speak about work. It's inappropriate to wear ripped and distressed denim during work hours at the office, banks, big companies. This bottom has a casual look that makes you look street-chic. Just follow these images and see what of these great outfits will surely suit you. You can play up with grunge, hipster and even boho touches while creating your one and only look.

Distressed Denim & Ripped Jeans (1)

How about a perfect glamour look? We see lady who's wearing a tailored, relaxed-fit camel coat atop black V-neck blouse tucked in ankle-length ripped jeans and colorful heels. Looks simple, but believe me it's a stand out look.

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12 Plus Size Models Who Proved The Fact That Curvy Women Are In Style

This time I want to share with you 12 plus size models who proved (everyone) the fact that curvy women are in style. Say hello to revolution, as the fashion world is changing its classic measurements (90-60-90). Curvy girls are in trend right now. That's why if you are dreaming of becoming a model, then probably you shouldn't exhaust yourself with different kind of diets, trying to "hold on" to the standards. My formula is quite easy - just be yourself.

12 Plus Size Models Who Proved The Fact That Curvy Women Are In Style (1)

Ashley Graham

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14 Famous Plus-Size Models

When we say plus-size we mean something really fat, but in real life it doesn't seem fat at all. The fashion world makes its own rules by declaring what is right and what is wrong. I guess it's not fair, as only God knows how everything should be done and only he may judge. Anyway, I am here to share with you 14 models who have garnered a lot of attention by the way they look. These women truly changed the game of fashion by showing their curvy shapes. Here they are:

Emme Aronson  Plus Size Fashion Model

Please welcome, Emme Aronson she is the first plus-size model to break into pop culture.

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Hottest Plus Size Fashion Models

There is nothing special about being fat, I mean, there are countries, where men simply die for plus size women. In today's post I want to share with you hottest plus size fashion models who are real inspiration for me. Some of you might say: "My big fat body just invites people to make rude comments." Well, if you give a damn to this, then you better go to psychologist, otherwise, just forget about them and live your life. Life is too short for listening to stupid people. Anyway, we are here for inspiration, right? The first model to keep an eye on is Crystal Renn, who is the muse of Jean Paul Gaultier. She is a well known plus size model after Sophie Dahl.

Hottest Plus Size Fashion Models (1)

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Plus Size Bloggers Street Style Looks

If you ain't having 90-60-90 body shape, then you shouldn't worry about that. Why? Take a look at these plus size bloggers and have yourself a great inspiration from their street style looks. All these pretty curvy girls and ladies urge everyone to love their bodies and be in trend. This decade comes with skinny celebrities and it's unfashionable to have an overweight. But the following ladies in the images below feel their selves self-confident with all those extra pounds. They have their own blogs where they show their new clothes. Some will say- curvy women should loose some weight before showing off their fat bellies, though I would say it's better to start loving ourselves as we are. These XXL sized fashion bloggers follow all the latest trends and they are not shy of their bodies. I love them!

Plus Size Bloggers Street Style Looks (1)

Twee Valley High blogger from Brooklyn has a real nostalgia about those retro times. She adores wearing creative hats, silk scarves, retro prints. She chooses ideal make-ups and hairstyles. We see cat eyes, braids and ideal red lips.

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Jeans For Curvy Women

Sometimes it can be hard finding the appropriate jeans for curvy women, but I am here to show you the best styles for all plus size silhouettes. This compilation includes awesome designs for ladies with any body shape size. You are going to find here awesome patch models, cuffed styles, ripped ones, colored styles, boot-cut, flares and even skinnies.

Plus Size Jeans For Curvy Women (1)

Here we see two models wearing cuffed, patch jeans and straight fit ones. The pants are paired with cool lightweight shirts.

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Plus Size Evening Dresses For Real Women

Let's have a look at the most sexiest and evening appropriate plus size evening dresses to wear in 2018. If you want yourself a fabulous look, then I want to show you special designer brand looks that are ideal for wearing at special occasions. You are going to see fabulous designs embellished with lace, Swarovski crystals, sultry details, beautiful necklaces and open backs.

Plus Size Evening Dresses For 2017 (1)

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Trendiest Plus Size Swimwear For Summer

Hello ladies, I think it's the right time to share with you some of the trendiest women's plus size swimwear for the upcoming 2018 summer season. Right? I want to draw your attention to these fabulous and hot designs that will surely make you noticed. The following collection comes with junior and adult plus size bathing suits, monokinis and bikinis.

Plus Size Swimwear For Summer 2017 (1)

Who told that polka dot is out of fashion. Here we see black bikini in white polka dots. Try on this look for your special summer days.

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How To Wear Skinny Jeans for Curvy Women

If you are a curvy woman and you want yourself something chic, eye-catching and fabulously cool, then I highly recommend you to try on skinny jeans on. I want to draw your attention to the most sexiest skinnies for curvy women. No matter what do people say, but I find curviness to be very hot. Being curvy doesn't means that you can not appear in a slim-fit bottoms.

How To Wear Skinny Jeans for Curvy Women (1)

Keep your eyes on basics. Try on classic colored outfits making yourself looking special and elegant.

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Most Stylish Plus Size Leggings

I am here to help you to find the most stylish plus size leggings to buy now and wear now. We are going to see absolutely gorgeous and sexy styles that are ideal for making a real statement in the streets or special occasions. Speaking of statement looks, then I want you to look through these great offerings starting from black and white classics to stripes, geometric patterned, floral and galaxy printed ones. You can wear them as a perfect layering essential.

Plus Size Leggings For Curvy Women (1)

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