Jewelry Trend: Bracelets For Women

Diamonds are forever. If you want something timelessly cool and sexy, then let me share with you this gorgeous collection of women's jewelry trend for this year and it's bracelets. No matter what, but jewelry makes us all happy. We see a beautiful collection of street style images where girls and ladies appear in the big cities wearing chic and drama edge, shiny jewelry. What is so special about those bracelets? First of all, they are quite eye-catching, as we see big and bold designs that can make any outfit look trendy, rich and voguish. Second, each design is ideal for completing your day or night outfit.

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Headwraps – This Year Fashion Trend!

This time I want to draw your attention to this year's fashion trend called head wraps. Looking at these great headpieces I think of 1960's retro, ethnic cultures, pin ups and vintage movie stars. I see so many beautiful and sexy styles that I simply want to try on this fashion trend right now. This head piece can be seen in many big cities starting from London, Milan to Paris and New York. We see many celebrities wearing those edgy, glamorous colorblocking and printed versions. There are known countless colors, prints, materials and styling ways, how you can wrap it on your head. You can make it elegant as Audrey Hepburn, or you can go edgy like Solange Knowels Beyonce, you can keep it pin up inspired and make it like Rihanna, or boho chic, gypsy inspired like Nicole Richie. Everything depends on your creativity.

Headwraps Street Style Looks (1)

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Awesome Summer Shoes To Wear This Year

Keep your heads up as we want to show you the best summer shoes step in style this 2018 year. No matter if you are looking for sandals, sneakers, see-through, boat shoes or flats, we have lots of interesting designs to offer you. We've got this awesome list of cute summer footwear that will make you look sexy as never before. Thanks to these street style and lifestyle images we have chance to see something for everyone and every occasion. It's never enough with the shoes, as we always need something new. We see nude colors, bright rainbow and colorblocking options, glittering designs, high heels, wooden heels, flats, mules and mary janes.

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Fashion Trend: Floral Pants For Women

Keep it bright and floral. I would like to show you this 2018 year's trend called floral print trousers that is going to be popular, as we see many ladies and women wearing them the streets. I have tried to find only the best shots to share with you. This trend comes from the 1980's, when our moms used to wear those boho chic and hippie inspired bottoms.

2017 Floral Pants For Women - Street Style Trends (1)

Those looks were fabulous and nowadays they are back on the track. We see them in the streets, runways and even on red carpet shows. Many brands and designers delivered us explosions of floral prints, making you look sexy and chic.

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How To Style Your White Tee

What you imagine when you think of simplicity? The white tank top and T-shirt is something versatile that can look casual or formal. We want to share with you some of the best looks that feature white tees. You are going to see loose-fit, shortened, cropped versions that are combined with boho, biker inspired and city chic style garments. This year's simple but die for trend is called white T-shirt. That's a simple answer to all the complicated, shimmering and sequined tops that are invented in the recent years.

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Super Marvelous Trench Coats You Need To Try On This Season

Hello Everyone! It's our first post on Fashion Gum. Today we want to share with you something practical, functional and very glamour, yes, we are talking about trench coats. We think every closet should have few of the best trench coats. This sexy outerwear is a real must-have in every lady's wardrobe. Why is it so? Well, most of the styles are slim-fit that makes you look feminine and really hot. If you don't own any of the best trench coats, then we think it's time to think about buying yourself the one. These jackets are classic wardrobe items that will never go out of style, so you can choose whatever color you want without worrying that it might look weird on you. Style this garment with your everyday essentials or work appropriate separates. Anyway, trench is not only fashionable piece, but it's an essential garment to combat the bad weather.

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