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4 Must Have Bags For Women Your Ultimate Guide

Everything has its limit, the same concerns the bags. I overviewed all the activities and places we tend to spend our time, including travel, social meetings, work, and have settled on 4 bag styles you will need, including belt bags, everyday bag, crossbody bag, and the tote. This is a list of my favorite bags I think every woman deserves. I think every lady has more than 2 bags in her wardrobe. Some of them are stuffed in little hiding places around the house, under the bed, in old shoe boxes, etc. The ones you actually use are in easy access, while the rest are stored away. The truth is, all you really need are 4 essential bags, to have on hand for every occasion.

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Scarves For Fall-Winter: Beautiful Ideas To Copy Now

It's time to keep yourself warm and stylish, as I am here to share with you stylish outfit ideas completed with trendy scarves. Yes, it's officially scarf weather and you better be ready for this Fall 2018! Trust me, looking stylish has never been easier, all you need is to add a pretty and warm scarf to your outfit and create your one and only desired fashionable look. Scarves are a perfect choice and solution for chilly and windy days. This is a must-have accessory for cold temperatures during cold Winter 2018 months. Chilly weather dictates its own rules, forcing us to wear wool, knit and cashmere pieces. I think everyone's gonna agree with me that this little addition makes us look unique and creative. In this compilation you can find your one and only scarf you can wear in your everyday life or during special events. Keep your outfit stylish and warm with these trendy Polyvore fashion sets I've got for you in this collection. Scroll down and let me know your thoughts. Thanks!


Cream-beige wool scarf looks awesome styled with grey crop sweater and knee-ripped light blue boyfriends.

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Boho (Bohemian) Striking Accessories

Make a statement by wearing this year's striking boho accessories. In today's post I want to speak about bohemian style necklaces, bracelets, bags, rings, headpieces and belts. Just look at these massive designs, it feels like tey can complement any wardrobe staple. Yes, it's true, every single piece from this collection will undoubtedly make you look individual and special. Let me show you some of the best and mesmerizing accessories to wear from parties to brunches and special events.

Boho (Bohemian) Accessories (1)

Just take a close-up look at these precious designs. We see statement rings in various shapes and stunning wrap bracelet. You can try on these chunky accessories with almost every outfit. I would recommend you to wear them with your favorite knitted dresses or cardigans.

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Accessories Trends Spring-Summer Milan Fashion Week

This time I want to speak about accessories trends for Spring-Summer 2018 season. We are going to see some of the best items showcased during Milan Fashion Week. I am going to share with you only the best styles to try on next year. You better take a close-up look, as you have never seen such beautiful creations before.

Accessories Trends Spring-Summer 2016 Milan Fashion Week (1)

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A Luxurious Twist on Bandana Scarves: How To Wear Them Now

How to complete your awesome street look? You can add chunky accessories, jewelry, beautiful watches or trendy hat. One thing is known for sure, a luxurious twist can be added by wearing a stylish bandana scarf. In today's post I want to draw your attention to some of the best bandana scarves designs to try on this year. You are going to see fabulous new ways how to wear them now.

Bandana Scarves Street Style (1)

We see light-red tight loop bandana neck scarf worn with crispy white shirt. Love it!

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Pussy Bows Are In Style

Let's speak about women's accessories. One of the most ladylike pieces to wear this 2018 season is considered to be loose-fit silken blouse completed with a pussy bow. This style looks very 1970's to me. The bowknot appears to play one of the major roles. I mean, it create a kind of playful appearance that makes the overall look to be sophisticated and ladylike. Lots of fashion brands showcased awesome everyday outfits accessorized with silk pussy bows.

Bowknots Are In Style For 2016 (1)

It's now wonder why this accessory is considered to be so must-have. We see a gorgeous brown green printed top completed with matching oversized pussy bow embellished with dry flowers.

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Fall-Winter Accessory Trends For Women

Alright already...it's Autumn 2018 outside and you better be ready for it! I was thinking of my next post and I think we should pay attention to our accessories. That's why I have chosen my favorite Fall-Winter 2018-2019 season accessory trends for women to follow this year. I am not saying this is a new wave of fashion trends, but some of them are updated and look fabulous, so you better take a closer look and see some of the best ways of styling them with your everyday clothes.

Fall-Winter 2015-2016 Accessory Trends For Women (1)

How many likes for this multicolored fur folder-clutch? Love it!

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Fancy Statement Jewelry For Women

Let's be honest not everybody has lots of money to buy exclusive and rich jewelry, right? That's why we want to make fancy accessories and jewelry look expensive. In today's article we are going to observe cheap, yet chic pieces what can be styled and worn with your favorite apparel. Of course, everything depends on the styling, so if it's gonna be worn in the wrong way, then you might look really cheap. Anyway, here are some ideas and tips how to make fancy accessories look expensive.

Fancy Statement Jewelry For Women (1)

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Women’s Jewellery For Summer Months

Express your style with exclusive jewelry what is in trend this summer 2018 season. You are going to see a complete image story on all Bijoux for the upcoming hot season, starting from chokers to pendants with romantic and statement details. All the showcased jewelry and accessories are the little devils in style. There is one important rule in jewelry trend: nothing is too much, everything goes with anything.

Women's Jewellery For Summer 2015 (1)

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