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Boyfriend Cutoffs and Denim Shorts

There are always to be beautiful garments what never goes out of fashion. Today's timeless piece is women's boyfriend cutoffs/ denim shorts. This trend comes from the 1990's and it's still in. Why do we see ladies wearing them, anyway? It's quite simple: think of your favorite jeans what you wear for already 3 or 5 years and one day the got ripped. What's your next move? You can: a) make some rips by creating casual look, b) make some cool cutoffs.

Cutoffs and Denim Shorts - Street Style (1)

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Of course, you can buy a nice pair of cutoffs in various shapes and sizes. Keep in mind one thing: these shorts are not for work, they come in casual styles what are ideal for beachy, sporty and relaxed wear. There are so many ways to wear them in your everyday life. You can make a bohemian look, smart-casual, tribal, office-alike (not for work), biker chic or grungy. All in all, I've got some brilliant ideas to share with you.

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