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Wrap Dresses – Summer Chic Style

Let's speak about wrap dresses. This kind of frock in number one summer chic style garment. This ensemble takes its birth from the 1970's, when Diane Von Furstenburg firstly invented it. It's a symbol of femininity and self-confidence. The today's fashion brings this wrap dress in every shapes and sizes, so that it suits any body. The great thing about this staple is the versatility, allowing you to wear it for various occasions and events. I love it for a sexy appearance, effortless look and sophisticated details.

Wrap Dresses - Summer Chic Style (1)

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Sea-blue colored long-sleeve version with a deep v-neck looks fantastic and real sexy.

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Chic Black Leather Looks

Okay, ladies! This time I want to show you my personal chic black colored leather looks to wear in the streets of big cities. I bet, you are going to be wowed by the beauty of these edgy outfits. When I hear words BLACK and Leather, I automatically imagine grunge, rock and sex. Need to say, total black looks featuring leather garments make me feel horny, not only because of the color, but due to the dark spirit, BDSM and biker touches. In this post I tried to collect pretty glamour looks ideal for office hours, street walks, casual weekends and night outs. I think you are going totally fall in love with these minimalistic-casual outfits.

Chic Black Leather Looks (1)

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We see a lady who appears in awesome biker jacket worn atop crop top styled with a high-waisted leather pencil skirt.

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Boho And Hippie Chic Styles For Festival Look

Please welcome festival season! Today I want to draw your attention to great accessories that can make your festival outfit look awesome. You are going to see perfect sunglasses, wide brim hats, flat sandals and jewelry to wear at summer festivals. As you all know, one of the biggest festivals of all time is considered to be Coachella. But there are plenty of other awesome music gatherings that will take place this summer. That's why you better be ready to rock the show in a perfect outfit, starting from awesome dress to eye-catching accessories. I know how hard it can be to figure out what to add to your weekend look. Here are shown my personal favorites what can be added to any style outfit:

Festival Chic Accessories (1)

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Chic Spring Street Style Inspiration

I am here with you to share amazing chic spring street style look inspiration, so you can combine your clothes and go for a walk or partying. I hope you already made new purchases online, if not, then you better check my special offers page, where you can find awesome discounts for cool staples. Welcome spring with brand new apparel! Anyway, let's have a closer look at these sweet ideas and make some notes.

Chic Spring Street Style Inspiration (1)

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Let the florals be fresh and sweet. In love with this long-sleeve day dress. The look is finished thanks to the purple clutch, studded sandals and cool eyewear.

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Business Attire: What To Wear With Work Dresses

Make some fun with your business attire. In today's post I want to share awesome ideas on what to wear with work dresses. I think everyone who is reading this right now is either studying or works in a bank, big company or in the office. It's obvious, everyone wants to look feminine anywhere and any time, especially at work, where we spend a half of our day.

What To Wear With Work Dresses (1)

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We see grey colored pencil style version with shirt collar and patch pockets. The dress is belted at the waist. Finish the look by adding a lightweight, shortened cardigan and beige tote bag.

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Best Ways to Wear Your Maxi Skirt in Summer

The today's story is about best ways to wear your maxi skirt in summer season. Maxi bottoms are not only one of the most comfortable and flattering clothing to wear, but they are also versatile. It's very easy to add layers over and keep it simple by wearing casual tops. This bottom is a fantastic way to extend your summer hot wardrobe and get creative with your layers and accessories. You can pair them with your favorite crop tops, tees and blouses. Plus, you can complete your outfit with the right bag and shoes.

Maxi Skirts For Summer - Fashion Trends (1)

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You can add daisy floral crop top with front zip and team it with your gorgeous bottom with side high slit.

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Parisian Chic Street Style – Dress Like A French Woman

Hey there! How about getting some inspiration from Parisian chic street style? In today's post, I want to share with you awesome tips on how to dress like a French woman. As you all know, France is the country of love, fashion, and elegance, that's why many designers and brands are inspired by the beauty of this country. Anyway, we are here to see elegant and refined clothing combinations that for sure will make you noticed in the streets. If you want yourself that awesome French woman wardrobe, then you better see this compilation of the best suggestions to start your fashion journey. You are going to see outstanding editors, bloggers, models and stylists images where they appear in the streets of Paris wearing absolutely gorgeous clothing combinations. The first rule of French-inspired looks is the focus on interesting shapes and textures, but keep it simple, without too many embellishments.

Parisian Chic Street Style - Dress Like A French Woman (1)

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That's a wow effect look that consists of a black fur beret and black-white checkered coat.

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Suede Is In Style For Real Women

Please welcome new 2018 trend called suede. This fabric is not just another material for designing clothing, it's already a history that connects cowboys with 1970's disco and boho looks together. This year many brands and designers have invented the time machine which travels through decades by offering us different kind of eye-catching looks, starting from retro sophisticated to glamour head-to-toe suede looks. Yes, it can be cowboy inspired by featuring fringes, or it can be 1970's, 1990's and even having today trendy touches.

Suede Are In Style For 2015 (1)

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How To Wear: Knitted Sweaters For Women

If you ask yourself or googling how to wear knitted sweaters for women, then I am here to help you with this question. If you do like warm clothing, knits, bohemian spirit, great details, turtlenecks, slouchy fits, preppy granny looks, then knitted sweater is what you really need my dear lady! If it's quite chilly outside, then I highly recommend to try on these trendy tops. I think every girl has kind of negative experience wearing sweaters, as 100% wool creations have that pricking effect, which drives everyone crazy. Today, we have chance to see some awesome looks, starting from muted colors (grey, white, black, blue) tobright colored ones and printed styles, fitted to loose-fit designs, from chunky, cable knit and mohair wool.

Knitted Sweaters For Women (1)

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