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Best Ladies Coats For Fall-Winter Months

Why do so many bloggers an street stylers in love with cold weather? It's quite simple, it's the variety of clothes you can wear. In today's post I want to draw your attention to the best ladies coats to wear this Autumn-Winter 2018 season. Let yourself play with layering by choosing something special, cozy and sophisticated. I want to share with you my personal favorites, including bold color coats, pastel hue cover-ups, fur ones and classic tailored designs. I know for sure, there is no problem in building up a colossal look by combining your tops, knits, leather staples with a statement outerwear.

Ladies Coats For Fall-Winter 2015 (1)

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Women’s White Coats Styles & How To Wear Them

This time I want to speak about white women coats styles and how to wear them this year. It's a great cover-up that stands out once you try it on. The following collection consists of amazing wrap-cut designs, trenches, blazer-like styles, suede, fur, medium, long and shortened versions, in other words saying, all cuts and styles. What I do like about these cool staples is that every single style is in vogue. Why these cover-ups are so popular these days? It's simple, they look rich, refined and luxe.

Women's White Coats Styles & How To Wear Them (1)

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What Trench Coats Are In Trend Now

Let's talk about trench coat. This cover-up is an amazing staple that is both great for layering cozy sweaters and sporting with lightweight separates during transitional seasons. Thanks to modern designers and fashion brands we have chance to buy sexy designs with touches of boho, classic 70's and many other eye-catching silhouettes. You can easily mix this outerwear with your favorite everyday staples, starting from office wear to cocktail attire. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then you better choose trendy cover-ups in modern fabrics, funky prints and gorgeous textures. Speaking of shoes, then the best footwear to try on is the heels, including stiletto ankle boots, classic pumps, strappy sandals, etc. Of course there are trenches with boyfriend looks, which can look cool with sneakers or slip-ons.

Trench Coats  (1)

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You can accesorize the classic look by adding pink frame sunglasses, awesome tote bag and cool watches.

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Top 15 Women’s Camel Coats As A Perfect Layer

If you are looking for a perfect layer for this 2018 year that will suit spring, fall and winter seasons, then I suggest you buy a camel coat. This cover-up is one of the trendiest, as it comes with an original color and powerful look. In this post, I am going to share with you my personal top-15 women's camel coats which are great for showing off in the streets. It looks like this staple will never go out of style. Speaking of occasions, then you can sport it whenever you want, starting from simple street walks to shopping and work.

Women's Camel Coats 2017 (1)

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We see a relaxed, mannish fit which is paired with a black top and camel-hued trousers. Finish the look by adding tortoise sunglasses.

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Chic Ways to Wear Leopard Coats

There is no better shortcut to looking sophisticated, glamour and predacious than by throwing on a leopard coat. I want to show chic ways how to wear this great cover up in the streets. I would say it's a kind of glamour rock and roll outerwear that has a fierce and instantly sultry look. If you want to release a predator, then the best way is to try on one of these amazing cover-ups. The best thing about these jackets is that you don't have to spend a fortune to pull off this trend, as it easy to wear with absolutely everything. No matter if you pair it with jeans, tee or a cool little black dress (LBD) you will look cool and very individual. Leopard print is already a timeless trend that looks great on classic outerwear pieces. This pattern can go a long way in livening up any outfit. Another great thing about this cool staple is the contrasting colors that make you noticed in the crowd. Scroll down the mouse to see the best ways to wear it in the streets of big cities.

Chic Ways to Wear a Leopard Coat (1)

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Here we see a woman who appears in a cool cover-up styled with a relaxed black V-neck pullover, formal shirt and ripped, cuffed boyfriends.

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Super Marvelous Trench Coats You Need To Try On This Season

Hello Everyone! It's our first post on Fashion Gum. Today we want to share with you something practical, functional and very glamour, yes, we are talking about trench coats. We think every closet should have few of the best trench coats. This sexy outerwear is a real must-have in every lady's wardrobe. Why is it so? Well, most of the styles are slim-fit that makes you look feminine and really hot. If you don't own any of the best trench coats, then we think it's time to think about buying yourself the one. These jackets are classic wardrobe items that will never go out of style, so you can choose whatever color you want without worrying that it might look weird on you. Style this garment with your everyday essentials or work appropriate separates. Anyway, trench is not only fashionable piece, but it's an essential garment to combat the bad weather.

Super Marvelous Trench Coats You Need To Try On This Season (1)

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