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What Cut Out Booties To Buy This Year

Something tells me this post is gonna be fantastic, as I've got an awesome collection of cut-out booties what are ideal to buy this year. No matter what stylists say, it's fair to admit- 1990's grunge look is back. So, you better buy yourself some awesome grunge footwear now to look cool and trendy. Go for the bulky, cut-out ones what are great for combining different styles, I mean go for boho-grunge, by keeping yourself unique and individual. I have found incredible street style images, where models, bloggers, street stylers appear in leggings, cuffed jeans, flirty dresses, asymmetric cut skirts and cut-offs teamed with cut-out booties. Of course there are ladies who refuse wearing these comfy and rock boots, but every person should have the right to choose what she/he prefers more.

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What Women’s Shoes Are Back In Style For Summer

It's f****** cold and snowy outside, but let's dream about something hot and sexy, like summer season women's must-have shoes. Many brands and designers have proven their selves for making awesome footwear designs and today I bring you a stunning collection of the best styles to wear through hot seasons. I've got 10 awesome pairs for you, which are definitely must-have to try on. New season comes with different colors and textures, that's why it's very important to find something special and unique for your personal needs.


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