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How To Style: Winter Oversized Scarves For Women

Keep it bold, creative and individual. Sometimes it's quite hard to stay creative and unique by wearing cozy layers. That's why we have a great opportunity to try on oversized scarves that will surely make us different. Some time ago blankets, ponchos and capes were on their peak and now it seems like women are falling into oversized accessories that can be worn as ponchos and blankets. In other words saying use your imagination to build up your stunning outfit. I have found through Internet some of the best styling tips and examples to share with you. Some of the presented styles resemble duvets and chunky, plaid blankets. It's no secret, this accessory is not only for saving the warmth and protecting your neck, it's here for underlining your unique style.

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How To Wear Shorts In Cold Weather

Today you are going to see various ways how to wear shorts in cold weather, that's why I recommend to sit back and enjoy these beautiful street style images. Looking through these images I think of an off-duty style that combines well picked uniforms and fabulous effortless style that is both perfect for spring, autumn and winter wear. Just look at these chics wearing cut-offs/classic tailored or leather shorts with biker jackets, blazers, coats, chunky sweaters, opaque, black sheer or printed tights and amazing over-the-knee or moto boots.

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18 Ladies Edgy Work Outfits For Winter

If you are looking for edgy work outfits to try on this winter, then I want to draw your attention to these 18 ladies office looks, which are sexy, bold and functional. If the winter approaches in your country, then you should go shopping for some cool winter staples for work. First thing which comes in your mind is the comfort and warmth, that's why go for ensembles which save warmness. I advice to try some crochet and knit creations, starting from tweed pants, skirts, knit sweaters and dresses, heavy blazers and coats, furs, mohair tops and wool suits.

Ladies Edgy Work Outfits For Winter (1)

That's a gorgeous outfit which features a beige coat worn atop white top, dark grey shortened wool trousers and updated with statement scarf, pretty bracelets and wedge pumps.

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