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How To Wear Flip Flops This Summer

Wear your Flip-Flops This Summer! Flip-flops, also called thongs, jandals, pluggers, go-aheads, slaps, slides, step-ins, chanclas, etc. are type of open-toed sandals what are usually worn during summer months. This year flip-flops are getting back on the fashion track, so you better know how to style them in real life. I see lots of ways how designers experiment with thong sandals. I have rounded up the best looks, so you can choose your favorite ways of wearing these shoes in your everyday life. Anyway, let’s have a closer look at the possible outfits combos:

How To Wear Flip Flops This Summer (1)

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How about wearing thongs with turquoise tank top, grey brown pullover, distressed jeans and fringed leather bag. Complete the look by adding tribal inspired accessories.

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