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Red Blouses And Tops For Women Best Looks To Wear Now

If you are sick of mixing prints for creating a statement-making look, then I have a great solution for you: RED BLOUSE. The bold color can be a win-win choice for creating a fabulous outfit. I am telling you, everyone is in into red blouse right now. You might think this fiery color is a bit too jarring, but it does look very romantic and ladylike. The key is to combine red blouse with the right bottoms.

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How To Wear Summer Platform and Flatform Shoes In 37 Ways

Hey ladies, get excited, as your feet gonna reveal from the huge platforms and sky-high heels. Yes, I am talking about summer platforms and flatform shoes! This footwear gives a comdortable fit and extra height. Sounds delicious, isn't it? Anyway, in today's article we gonna talk about these gorgeous styles and the way you can wear them in town, at the beach, parties and even at work. Sit back and enjoy scrolling your mouse. Don't forget telling me, what is your favorite design, as I really wanna know, so I can search for these shoes too!

Summer Platform and Flatform Shoes - Street Style (1)

These ones look impressive. I like the Ancient Greek touch what is seen through the golden embellishments, coins attached and stones. Try these platforms with your favorite cut-offs and lightweight tee.

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How To Wear Pumps – Street Style Inspiration

Hey Fashion Divas! No need to scream, as I want to share with you this awesome street style collection of best ways to wear pumps this year. In this post I have gathered awesome street style inspiration ideas and tips for your attention. These looks are perfect transitions from work to night and weekends. Here are shown sexy classic styles in wide variety of colors, prints and fabrics.

How To Wear Pumps - Street Style Inspiration (1)

Semi-sheer pumps in pale mint color are ideal for making a fashion-forward vibe.

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How To Wear: Colored Leather Jackets

Tell me, what kind of color you imagine, if someone tells you leather jacket! Black! Personally, I imagine a black colored leather jacket. This season the popular color for leather jacket is... colored one. Yes, there are thousands of beautiful colored leather jackets to try with your everyday style garments. You can go for burgundy, red, green, blue, camel, yellow, blush, light blue, mint, multicolored and many other shades. Whether faux or real, motorcycle jacket can be worn in so many ways. This final layering piece will ideally suit almost any outfit, starting from casual ones to formal suits.

Colored Leather Jackets (1)

A sexy touch! We see a burgundy leather jacket worn with dark navy dress.

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How To Wear Crop Tops This Summer

It's hot, hoT, hOT, HOT! The boiling temperatures force us to wear light fabric outfits. Today I bring to your attention best ways how to wear your crop top this 2018 summer season. Thanks to crop top you will keep yourself cool and stylish. The great thing about crop tops is they suit all body types, no matter if you are skinny or overweight. Indeed, it looks good on anybody. Anyway, I am here not to explaining why can a plus-size girl wear crop tops. I want you to check out the best combinations of wearing a crop top this summer, so you can an awesome inspiration for your next week outfit. Here are presented various Polyvore inspired crop-top outfit combinations to try this hot season. As you can see the styles vary in so many variations, starting from casual beachwear to more formal and streetwear appropriate:

How To Wear Crop Tops This Summer 2015 (1)

Black bandeau crop top looks awesome styled with high-rise light blue denim cut-offs.

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Colored Leather Jackets For Women

Start planning your new season palette with this delicious colored leather jackets collection. I am 100% sure you are going to show your sweet style with these bright colored options. Each one of the following styles is easy to wear, so you can combine them with your favorite everyday separates without any problem. It's all about dreamy designs and colors. In this compilation are gathered perfect designs to style with any kind of dress, shoes, top, knitwear and accessories. There is no better way to lighten your mood and your wardrobe than with these delicate hues.

Leather Colored Jackets  (1)

Dark green leather jacket looks fantastic worn atop white sweater paired with semi-sheer black skirt.

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20 Ways To Wear Leather Pants

Today's topic is 20 ways to wear leather pants this year. I want you to take a closer look at some of the chicest ways to wear these sexy bottoms in your everyday life. The main problem of wearing leather pants is the right styling. It's very easy to make your outfit look weird and cheap, so you better stick to these ideas and make some notes before your next purchase. I have gathered amazing outfits, so you can learn different ways of wearing your favorite bottoms.

Leather Pants & Leggings (1)

A simple V-neck lightweight sweater is a good addition.

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How to Dress in 1970s Clothes

Old Fashioned, please! I think the 1970's style is a perfect way how to make a unique statement in the crowd. Today I want to show you my personal favorites on how to dress in 1970's clothing. We see lots of designer brands who is inspired by the '60's, '70's and 80's fashion and I think the best way is to totally copy and paste those looks in modern life by using modern apparel. If you are ready to make a stylish statement, then I don't see any problem in wearing one of these timelessly chic outfits in your everyday life. Here are shown beautiful flares, denim looks, boho touches, fantastic festival details, fun prints and vibrant patterns. The real must-haves from the '70's are tunics, culottes, maxi gowns, robes, flowy dresses, suede, rib knits, midi skirts, flares, etc. Looking through those vintage images you can notice the vibes of androgyny fashion. The sense of masculinity is echoed in daywear outfits, pantsuits and separates

1970s Style Looks (1)

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How To Wear Button-Up Shirts

As you all know, button-up is an important part of every men's and women's business wardrobe, right? It's a professional looking top what ideally suits blazers and pleated pants. But how to wear it in your everyday life? Is it okay to wear with casual clothes? Yes and yes! Of course this is an ideal office shirt, but there are thousands of casual combinations what you can try with your everyday essentials. The button-ups can be dressed down and look good the same as dressed-up. If you want to know awesome button-up combos, then you are more than welcomed to see this awesome compilation of stylish tips on how to wear this shirt in your everyday life:

How To Wear Button-Up Shirts For Women (2)

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How To Wear Mules – Street Style

I remember last year everyone's passion around mules and I think this year is no exception, as they are really enjoying fashion world and ladies do like these shoes. Let them have a big moment, as I am here to show you my favorite ways how to wear mules in the streets. This footwear is in the spotlight right now, so you better get ready to style them with your everyday clothes, okay?! If someone asks me, what is mules, then I would answer: "It's a kind of fucking amazing combination between wedges, ankle booties and clogs."

How To Wear Mules - Street Style (1)

Try on these stunning black mules with tassels. Style them with pretty black shorts printed in white grid and shorts and black crop top. Complete the look by adding a statement necklace.

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