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How To Wear White Shirt This Summer

Everyone is completely insane this year! Why? Everybody wears white shirts. I woke up this morning with a great idea, I wanna show you awesome ways how to wear white shirt this summer. I think you agree with me, that those days when white shirt was meant for wearing with formal attire only are gone. Nowadays, white shirt is a classic top what will never go out of fashion. Why? It's a must-have for every man and woman. It comes with simple look what is both cool and versatile. It can be worn in so many different ways.

White Shirts - Street Style (1)

An ideal combo: white semi-sheer shirt tucked in tight, mini purple skirt. Complete the look by adding chunky jewelry.

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How To Wear: Crop Top with Maxi Skirt

I have shared many posts featuring crop tops, but it seems like I almost forgot to show you how to wear it with maxi skirts. In this post we are going to see fabulous ideas what are great both for summer and winter wear. I think every girl and lady dreams of an outfit what can make everyone say: "WOW, I love it!" and I guess, crop top + maxi skirt is a great combo what will definitely make everyone say these words. Why is it so popular these days? First of all, it's a versatile look what ideally suits almost every body shape, secondly, you can create almost any style, starting from classy to evening-appropriate, boho and grunge. You can wisely use your imagination, by creating something individual and adding your beautiful accessories.

Crop Tops with Maxi Skirts (1)

Hoe about choosing your separates in complementary colors? I like these two neutral colors.

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Best Ladies Sweaters To Wear This Year

Can you name the item what is ideal for wearing in the streets, work and home during chilly seasons? It's a sweater, a timeless trend to wear from day to night. In today's article we are going to see best ladies sweaters to wear from office to cocktail parties. This garment became a major look for the past years and today you can choose any style to wear, starting from oversized to fuzzy, slim-fit and tight ones. There are numerous of models to choose from, as many designer brands offer us crazy printed styles, as well as pastel and monochromatic updates in soft fabrics and eye-catchy designs. Personally, I like the oversized sweaters what look big and sophisticated. You can pair them with anything you want, starting from skinnies to midi, maxi and mini skirts. Anyway, I think we better take a closer look to the presented knitwear and choose our favorites:

Ladies Sweaters

This white creation is a must have for this season.

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High Waisted Jeans Style Looks

I am totally obsessed with high-waisted jeans look. Why? It looks sexy, versatile and youthful. Personally, I like these pants for their 1980's and 1990's nostalgia look. They add a hot touch to your outfit, no matter if they come in boyfriends cut, skinnies or mom-styles. The best thing about high-rise jeans? They add and accentuate curves where they are not and keep everything into place. Plus, as I have already mentioned, they give a retro urban chic look. You can wear them paired with tops tucked in or pulling off crop tops. Thanks God this trend is coming back this year. Another great thing about high-rise pants is a more professional look, elongated legs, versatile and simple effortless look.

High Waisted Jeans Style Looks (1)

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How To Wear: High Waisted Jeans

Fashion trends are tend to be circular. Today we are going to observe high waist jeans styles and best ways to wear them in your everyday life. It's no secret, they are making a huge comeback these days. So you better check out this collection for your inspiration. I am pretty sure, you gonna find brilliant ideas and choices to try for this year. The high waist jeans start very high in the waist area, what accentuates the look on your body, as your waist curve will be emphasized.

High Waisted Jeans - Street Style (1)

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How To Wear: Leather Jackets For Women

Leather Jackets For Women - Street Style Inspiration (1)

Leather jacket is an iconic outerwear what looks both sophisticated, glamour and grunge. It's a universal topper what ideally unites various styles, making an ideal, iconic look, what fits any body type and any occasion. You can simply throw it on atop simple tee and style it with jeans. This leather cover up has enjoyed a range of style incarnations, starting from well known biker styles to tailored designs and cropped versions. Today I am going to show you my favorite tips and styles to wear leather jacket and keeping look fresh and modern.

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Street Style: Shirt Dresses For Ladies

Combination is my favorite topic! I love creating awesome outfits using trendy garments. In today's post I want to share with you awesome ways how to wear shirt dress in your everyday life, in the streets and glamour cocktail events. This staple is an ideal piece for creating an outstanding look. I am pretty sure, you ask yourself: what are the best ways to style it with your basics.

Shirt Dresses (1)

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How To Wear Black Shirts

Today is all about black shirts post! I want to show you some of the best ways how to wear black shirt in your everyday life. I tell you honestly, I am a huge fan of black color, but I do not like buttons. Of course, I do have jeans shirts in my closet and I am planning to add more shirts, but I really don't know when I will wear everything, LOL!

How To Wear Black Shirts - Street Style Looks (1)

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Wrap Dresses – Summer Chic Style

Let's speak about wrap dresses. This kind of frock in number one summer chic style garment. This ensemble takes its birth from the 1970's, when Diane Von Furstenburg firstly invented it. It's a symbol of femininity and self-confidence. The today's fashion brings this wrap dress in every shapes and sizes, so that it suits any body. The great thing about this staple is the versatility, allowing you to wear it for various occasions and events. I love it for a sexy appearance, effortless look and sophisticated details.

Wrap Dresses - Summer Chic Style (1)

Sea-blue colored long-sleeve version with a deep v-neck looks fantastic and real sexy.

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How To Wear: Oxford Shoes

Speaking of shoes, then I think, every lady has endless options and ideas to choose from. Indeed, there are numerous of awesome styles to wear with your stunning outfits. But, there is one type of footwear that for sure can give you a trendy update and its name is Oxford shoes. I have gathered my favorite styles to share with you. Hope these ideas will inspire you to buy the similar ones for your next street walk.

How To Wear Oxford Shoes (2)

We see a girl who appears in orange brown cable knit sweater worn atop semi-sheer white dress styled with vintage inspired shoulder bag and cool brown leather brogues.

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