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Modern Victorian Era Fashion Trends

I've already shared with you my favorite Victorian era inspired looks. In today's blog post I want you to take a close up look through modern Victorian era fashion trends and see what's popular nowadays. This year we still have delicate lace, floral appliqués, brocade, gilded embroidery, silk and velvet fabrics. Scroll down to see more Victorian-fashion ideas.


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You Never Seen Such Simple but Stylish Outfits For Women

Sometimes simple garments are the best ones to wear. In recent years fashion become very complicated. Designers offering us beautiful garments that are very difficult to wear in real life. We forget about simple clothes, like tops, skirts, pants and start looking for sophisticated fashion. In today's article I want to draw your attention to essentials and see amazing styling tips on how to wear simple apparel in your everyday life. I am 100% sure, every single top, shirt, blouse, dress showcased in this compilation gonna make you look fresh, sweet and ladylike thanks to professional styling. There is one difference between modern basics and simple clothing: everything that is connected to basic wear means boring. Fashion experts say, you either have style in your blood, or you simply don't have it at all. I think some people have an inborn great taste. These people can try on a plain white tee and a pair of boyfriends looking like model off-duty. They can make anything work. Everyone else have to learn how to style simple clothes.

Simple but Stylish Outfits For Women (1)

A sexy slipdress with V-neckline and spaghetti straps looks chic and simple.

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Velvet Outfits For Women: Say Hello To 1970’s

This Fall we all gonna say a BIG hello to velvet, as it's back in trend. Brands and fashion designers offering us pretty much of everything, starting from jacquard blazers to pantsuits, dresses and coats. The head to toe velvet look is a perfect choice this Autumn. So, this magic trend hits back the streets and you can not hide from it, so you better get used to it, my dear fashionista!

Velvet Outfits For Women (1)

Jacquard purple blazer with statement buttons looks impressive!

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Cute Summer Outfits That You Can Ride a Bike In

Are you getting into bicycling season this year? I am so in love with bicycles. It's an ideal and the most ecological transport in the world, but the reason why I am telling you all this is the following: what kind of summer outfits can be used for riding bicycle? It's no wonder why women tend to have wardrobe concerns when it comes to riding the bike. There are two ways of dressing: a) a polished look (well put-together) and b) more casual. I hear lots of people saying it's a must-have to wear spandex or sweaty gym clothes once you sit on a bike, well, it's a big MYTH, you know!

Cute Summer Outfits That You Can Ride a Bike In (1)

That's a polished look. It features a pale blue shirt worn with white mini shorts embellished with braided brown leather belt. Complete the look by adding thong sandals.

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How To Wear Pumps – Street Style Inspiration

Hey Fashion Divas! No need to scream, as I want to share with you this awesome street style collection of best ways to wear pumps this year. In this post I have gathered awesome street style inspiration ideas and tips for your attention. These looks are perfect transitions from work to night and weekends. Here are shown sexy classic styles in wide variety of colors, prints and fabrics.

How To Wear Pumps - Street Style Inspiration (1)

Semi-sheer pumps in pale mint color are ideal for making a fashion-forward vibe.

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Best Teen Fashion Ideas For Girls

The great plus of teen fashion? You can wear absolutely anything you want. You can experiment with your look by trying on various styles, starting from Tomboy, boyfriend looks to glamour sexy outfits, hipster and grunge looks. You can try all the latest trends without worrying that you look weird or strange. Just add your personal twist to any look and make it original.

Best Teen Fashion Ideas For Girls (1)

A peach colored crop top looks perfect with vibrant print pink mini skirt and high-heeled red sandals.

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Christmas and New Year’s Eve Party Looks Inspiration

I've got something special for you tonight. Here is a fabulous outfit inspiration for the next Christmas and New Year's Eve party. We are going to see fantastic sequined dresses, black shifts, body tight frocks, fit-and-flare ensembles, lace embellishments, sexy cut-outs, tulle skirts, rich and luxurious jewelries, lingerie inspired basics, matching separates and jumpsuits. In other words, HOT & FABULOUS clothes.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve Party Looks Inspiration (1)

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Street Style Inspiration: Fringes

I know, you are here for fringes inspiration. Let me show you some of the best styles and tips to wear fringes in the streets. This new trend is all around this year, starting from the runway shows to street looks.

Fringes - Street Style Inspiration (1)

I think you have noticed this embroidery, as I see it quite often these days. You can see this embellishment on accessories, shirts, jackets, jewelry, in other words- everywhere. The question is: How do I wear my fringes in everyday life to look stylish, boho and super cool.The answer is: keep the balance of the look. Of course, you might say fuck you, show me the EXACT outfits! As I have already told you, there are numerous of cool outfit styles to follow, but in today's post I am going to share with you my personal favorites what feel very 1970's and bohemian like. So, let's begin our trip. Don't forget to tell me which one of these looks is your favorite, comment below:

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Dressing Like a Disney Princess

Everybody loves the Disney movies, right? In today's post I want to draw your attention to some of amazing tips if you wish to dress like a Disney princess. I remember the time when I was watching those sweet cartoons where princesses appeared in fabulous outfits. Now, let's have some fun and try on beautiful combinations to look like real princesses. Here are shown some awesome ways you can dress like your favorite Disney character.

Dressing Like a Disney Princess (1)

Choose pastel colors. Go for a turquoise crop top paired with matching color maxi skirt.

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