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Hipster Summer Outfits

Hipsters here, hipsters there, hipsters everywhere! In today’s post I want you to have a look through my personal ideas on how to wear hipster outfits this summer. I have gathered my personal favorite Polyvore fashion sets, so you can see, how to combine one piece with another.

Hipster Summer Outfits - Polyvore Inspiration (1)

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That’s a perfect look for a casual day. We see a white dress completed with a flannel shirt, brown leather ankle-boots and flowery headpiece.

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How to Wear a Pastel Blazer

Pastel is a big trend this season and you know why. It’s everywhere. We see pastel outerwear, separates and accessories. I did some research and found numerous of great options of styling your pastel blazer. This cover-up is a versatile piece, because you can wear it throughout hot and cold seasons by styling it with cozy tops or lightweight blouses. In today’s article we are going to observe Polyvore combinations on how to wear a pastel blazer this year.

Pastel Blazers (1)

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Pale light orange blazer looks awesome worn atop white cream floral playsuit.

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Dressing Like a Disney Princess

Everybody loves the Disney movies, right? In today’s post I want to draw your attention to some of amazing tips if you wish to dress like a Disney princess. I remember the time when I was watching those sweet cartoons where princesses appeared in fabulous outfits. Now, let’s have some fun and try on beautiful combinations to look like real princesses. Here are shown some awesome ways you can dress like your favorite Disney character.

Dressing Like a Disney Princess (1)

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Choose pastel colors. Go for a turquoise crop top paired with matching color maxi skirt.

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Floral Outfits For Stylish Ladies

I’ve got something special for you tonight! In today’s post, I want to share with you 2018 floral outfits to wear this year. I have an amazing collection of Polyvore sets for you to be inspired by. Keep in mind one thing: floral looks have to be bright, colorful and cheerful. The great thing about this print is the effect of rejuvenescence, indeed, once you try on blossoming pattern you automatically look younger and sweeter. Of course, you have to make sure you pair florals with neutral clothing, without overdoing this trend.

2015 Floral Outfits For Ladies (1)

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Try on a pretty floral frock and style it with a dark pink lightweight cardigan. Complete the look by adding suede burgundy pumps and white straw bag. I love the retro touch of this outfit.

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Best Spring Polyvore Outfit Combinations For Women

Let’s talk about springtime! In today’s Polyvore collection I am going to share with you this 2018 spring outfit combinations to wear in your everyday life. Say goodbye to cozy layered clothing and say hello to lovely lightweight and sweet staples. Finally, we can express our fashion sense and show our positive vibes. Of course, it’s still a bit cold, but you can think of cool accessories, like statement scarves and ladylike cardigans to warm yourself up. You are going to see pretty sets which for sure will help you to make your dream look. Check out them now and get inspired now!

Best Spring 2015 Polyvore Outfit Combinations (1)

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The wide-striped sweater looks great with black skinnies and beige lace-up flats.

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Best Spring Inspired Polyvore Combinations

This time I want to share with you my personal spring season inspired Polyvore combinations, so you can find great combinations to wear from streets to beach and parties. All you have to do is to scroll down and see everything by yourself. The spring time is when you finally can take off your cozy layers and pull off something fresh and colorful. I am so excited to show you my favorite looks, as I really hope these outfits are balanced right.

Best Spring Inspired Polyvore Combinations (1)

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We see pretty cropped tank in florals styled with dark red jeans and covered with a lightweight cardigan. Finish the look by adding beige booties on.

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26 Awesome Outfit Ideas What To Wear For St. Patrick’s Day

Today I’ve got an awesome Polyvore compilation for ladies! I am going to share with you these 26 awesome outfit ideas what to wear for St. Patrick’s day. If you want to celebrate and enjoy the Irish cultural and religious feast, then you are more than welcomed to view these brilliant outfit ideas for the parades and dances. What is so special about this day outfits? They are green and shamrock.

26 Ideas of St Patrick’s Day Outfits For Women (1)

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Make some fun with a white T-shirt, buttoned green cardigan and cool slim-fit jeans. Love the trainers.

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