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How To Wear Sweaters With Skirts

A sweater and skirt combination is nothing new, but it is totally worth trying on. This look is considered to be a popular trend that can be easily customized for yourself. Once cold season knocks your door, we want warm days back! That's why our hands automatically want to grab a cozy sweater. There are no special tricks in wearing sweaters with skirts.

1. Keep it simple! Pair black sweater over black-white checkered print mini skirt, add lace-up ankle boots and rounded sunglasses.

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A New Take On The Bohemian Chic Fringed Sandals

Extra, extra! Boho style has its serious return this year! Fashion Week’s runways were full of hippies and fringes. That's why I bring you this stunning collection of Bohemian chic fringed sandals to wear from streets to special parties. There is no escape this trend, as we see beautiful footwear everywhere. Personally, I have more kind of haute couture feeling about these perfect shoes. Thanks to bright colors every pair of heeled shoes looks modern and sophisticated. All you have to do is to pair one of these heeled sandals with your favorite cocktail dress and keep on dancing all night long.

Bohemian Chic Fringed Sandals (1)

Luxurious sandals in green color embellished with dark green fringes. Yes, I am totally obsessed with these gorgeous sandals. You can wear them with contrast dresses and pantsuits.

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5 Ways To Wear Birkenstock Sandals

Hey there fashion readers! I've got 5 fabulous ways how you can wear Birkenstock sandals this year. Are you ready to see some of the best styling tips, if yes, then let's have a look. Of course there are ladies who love them and hate them, but despite all those lovers and haters, these shoes are back in vogue. This footwear undoubtedly is one of the most functional and comfortable options to wear from work to the beach. Of course, wedding might be the worst place where you can wear these shoes. Anyway in this post we see fabulous fashion bloggers wearing these cool sandals. Let me know in the comments, who is the professional of styling these shoes

5 Ways To Wear Birkenstock Sandals (1)

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How To Wear Birkenstocks This Fall

If you are in love with Birkenstocks, then you better read this post! In today's article I want you to know my favorite 20 ways how to wear Birkenstocks this Autumn season. I think everyone has a pair of these cool sandals, right? This summer it was hard to go anywhere without seeing at least one pair of these retro looking shoes on someone. Why these styles are so popular? It's quite simple, they look chunky, original and they are extremely functional. Anyway, if you think you can say bye-bye to them till the next spring, then you are wrong, darling. I am about to show you some of the best ways how you can wear them this Fall and even Winter season.

How To Wear Birkenstocks This Fall (1)

You should always think of layering. It's very important during chilly morning days. Go for a mustard sweater dress worn atop cool plaid shirt, knit socks and your favorite Birkenstocks.

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How to Wear Gladiator Sandals

Keep it tough, edgy and ancient inspired. Yes, we are going to speak about gladiator sandals. These shoes have returned in vogue and this year they are one of the biggest footwear trends. As you can see from the images below, you can choose the knee or ankle length versions. Some ladies think that it's quite hard to style gladiator sandals with their casual clothes, but thanks to this awesome street style collection, you are going to see basic tips on how to wear gladiator shoes in your everyday lives.

Gladiator Sandals - Street Style (1)

Keep the faith! We see a stunning look what consists of an abstract floral printed long shirt-dress styled with wide-strap high gladiator sandals and rounded sunglasses.

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The Best Shoe Trends To Try Next Season

What shoes are your favorite ones? Hugh. My favorite ones are... all of them! Seriously, I think every shoe trend has something special. Today I want to draw your attention to this fabulous street style snaps what will surely inspire you to buy brand new footwear. Definitely, here are shown so many exciting designs to wear this 2018. You are going to find strappy sandals, dainty heels, pointy pumps, open-toe heels, pool slides, mules, etc. I have rounded up images to bring you only the best styles to try this year. Scroll down to see more:

The Best Shoe Trends 2015 - Women's Footwear Street Style (1)

Here we see naval striped pointed-toe pumps with red studded toe.

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How To Wear Flip Flops This Summer

Wear your Flip-Flops This Summer! Flip-flops, also called thongs, jandals, pluggers, go-aheads, slaps, slides, step-ins, chanclas, etc. are type of open-toed sandals what are usually worn during summer months. This year flip-flops are getting back on the fashion track, so you better know how to style them in real life. I see lots of ways how designers experiment with thong sandals. I have rounded up the best looks, so you can choose your favorite ways of wearing these shoes in your everyday life. Anyway, let's have a closer look at the possible outfits combos:

How To Wear Flip Flops This Summer (1)

How about wearing thongs with turquoise tank top, grey brown pullover, distressed jeans and fringed leather bag. Complete the look by adding tribal inspired accessories.

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What To Wear With Birkenstock Sandals

It's official, 1990's inspired Birkenstocks come back in vogue this year. These clunky and big shoes look really ridiculous, but the thing about thos footwear is the following: They are extremely popular among fashion people. This paradox makes me think of fabulous pairings what you can wear this season. Do I have your attention now? If yes, then I am more than happy to share my favorite looks which were snapped in the streets of big cities.

What To Wear With Birkenstock Sandals (1)

The best way to look these shoes is to style them with simple and casual garments. Go for a plain white tank, denim shorts and a cool kimono.

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