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Ladies Shearling Coats Are In Style This Year

Keep it tough, mannish and exaggerated, as we are here to talk about ladies shearling coats what are in style for this 2018 and even for 2019! This time designers offer us rough made styles updated with various decorations and artistic motifs, we see gorgeous designs with short and long hair, various color choices, including classic natural shades, as well as metalized ones. The first creations were made by ancient Scots, while the industrial manufacturing adjusted only in the end of the XVIII century in Australia. During the first and second world wars sheepskin was used to create army, pilots and sailors uniforms. The shearling outerwear was popular in 1960’s among actors and singers, including The Beatles, Jim Morrison (The Doors). While hippies from the 1970’s felt in love with elongated cover-up styles. The comeback of shearling outerwear takes place back in 1994, when Janet Jackson appears in a gold coat in Scream video.

Ladies Shearling Coats Are In Style For 2015 (1)

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