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The Anatomy Of Skinny Jeans For Spring-Summer

Hell yes, they will never go out of style! I am talking about skinny jeans and how to make them look fashionable next Spring 2018. It's no secret, every woman, regardless of her age, height and shape wants to look sexy. That's why we all die for tight and slim silhouettes. The following collection consists of my favorite Polyvore sets featuring flattering skinnies what are styled with different tops and jackets. Of course, you need to balance your silhouette, that's why I decided to show you my favorite sets for Summer 2017. As you can see, warmest months can be complimented with beautiful denim bottoms and simple tops. As you can see, there are beautiful ways how to make light wash, slightly ripped and cuffed denim skinnies work in real life. Scroll down to find your favorites.


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Try on colored ones! We see pastel turquoise skinnies worn with color-blocking pastel semi-sheer button-down shirt and pastel violet glossy pumps.

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Stand Out Shorts Outfit Ideas

Most shorts are pretty, but how to style them? In today's article I decided to show you stand out shorts outfit ideas to try in 2018. You gonna see chic ways how to style them in real life, no matter if they are skin-tight, high-waisted, wide-leg, denim, printed, tailored, ripped, etc. There are great designs you all can wear on the beach, to parties, street walks, weekends, weekdays, or let tailored ones to be part of your work attire. Of course, the most important thing is to find shorts that will fit for the occasion. I am going to show you amazing outfits you all can copy next 2018. Don't forget to tell me what you think about wearing shorts in the comments below.


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A simple white sleeveless top looks pretty awesome tucked in kaleidoscope printed shorts. This combo can be used at Coachella festival. Complete it with brown leather shoulder bag and strappy flat sandals.

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Wide Leg Pants: Classic Closet Must-Have

What I love about wide-leg pants is their versatility. Yes, almost any pair can either look business casual, professional or upgraded to be ready for wearing to cocktail parties. Of course, you should wisely choose your top and shoes in order to look put together. These bottoms are probably one of the biggest fashion trends this 2018, all probably because of the 1970's nostalgia. You can easily elevate your look with a pair of flowing wide-leg pants. You can keep things cool no matter where you are, at work, backayrd barbeque, party or on the plane. These bottoms are great for day to night dressing. You can dress them up or down, all depends where you are going to. I do love them for their flattering silhouette that fits absolutely any body type. They can hide your belly and other heavy bottom areas. Sure, you need to find the right match, so your clothes look balanced. That's why I am here to show you my favorite polyvore sets to get inspired by.


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These ones make a real vibrancy! Try on jungle floral print high-waisted wide leg trousers with a sexy black crop top and pointed-toe black pumps.

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Bohemian Chic Fashion: Best Ideas To Try This Year

I think boho fashion is an awesome way to show-off your individuality! In today's article I want to share with all my beautiful readers stunning bohemian chic fashion ideas to try this 2018. I personally think boho chic is a perfect style to keep things both creative and practical. Almost every outfit looks very individual on different ladies. If you are looking for something exciting to wear in 2018, then I guess it's the best time to take a close-up look through these Polyvore boho sets ideas. As you can see, boho is very simple to copy, plus outfits look very natural and individual. Don't be afraid to express yourself, go for flowy clothes, bulky layers, edgy details and feathered jewelry. Wear what makes your skin feel relaxed and easily breath. Breezy and free-spirited looks totally work in modern life, all you need is to know the right balance.


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A lovely white halter-neck blouse looks fabulous worn with ruffled layered cream-beige skirt and caged heeled sandals.

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Military Trend Outfits: Best Combos To Try

Sometimes you get tired of wearing classic looks and you want to try something else, am I right? How about giving a try to military-inspired looks? In today's blog post I want to share with you interesting women outfit ideas with military touches you can all give a try in 2018. This is not something new, but as you know, fashion moves like a spiral, that's why we see already known elements in latest collections. Next 2018 is the comeback of army style. You gonna see military inspired jackets, slouchy khaki green sweatshirts, rompers, dresses, camouflage sweatpants, cargo toppers, military boots, etc. In other words saying think beyond standards and use a bit of your imagination to create something original. You better get in line with 2018 military trend, just take a close-up look through these stunning army ideas and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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What we've got here? A draped khaki-green jacket, combat boots in black leather worn with a striped top, high-waisted black skinnies and black leather backpack.

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Happy Hour Style: After Work Cocktail Outfits

I've got something cool to share with you! Today, I decided to talk about cocktail outfit ideas that you can use for after work parties next 2018. Cocktail attire is not quite black tie appropriate, but it is definitely not casual clothing. Of course, you can go for a trusted LBD, but you can witness someone else wearing the same outfit, that's why we need to find perfect alternative looks that are not boring and can work in various occasions. You are free to create your favorite outfit, no matter if it's dressy yet conservative, more classic, modern or trendy. I personally like wearing simple yet sophisticated looks with conservative silhouettes and neutral color. If you want your neutral outfit look voguish, then you are free to add a jewel tone necklace, shiny metallic clutch or glamour make-up. In other words, statement pieces and details will always make you stand-out from the crowd, all you need is to make them underline your best assets. Look for pieces that are versatile, as well as professional and fun. Scroll down to find out best ideas and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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We see a cute combo that consists of a dusty pink wool coat, black-white striped tank top tucked in black short skirt and completed with cool print ankle boots.

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The Anatomy of Stylish Trench Coats

If you want to know how to wear trench coats during Fall 2018, then you better take a look through these Polyvore sets. This classic staple can be your favorite seasonal refreshing outerwear piece, all you need is to know how to make it work. I gathered interesting inspirational ideas that are very easy to copy. Here we can find fabulous ways how to show off your dress and highlight your ladylike silhouette while wearing a trench coat. It automatically makes you look feminine and chic. There are so many standout trench coats for ladies who want to update their everyday outfits. I personally love this outerwear design, especially for its ideal proportions that can easily balance with all your clothes. It simply makes you look effortlessly put together. Yes, trench will never go out of style. Anyway, let's have a detailed look at my favorite trench coat outfits that can make you stand out from the crowd.


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A lovely pale pink belted trench looks gorgeous worn with white blouse, tailored black pants and caged black sandals.

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Bomber Jackets: What To Look For And How To Wear

Yes, it's officially, a bomber jacket is going to be a trendy outerwear piece next 2018. It might be the only thing to own now. There are so many fabulous street style images of ladies wearing bomber jackets. The shots are excellent and it feels like there is nothing else you can wear. Forget about casual classics and try on sport-luxe outfits. The updated athleisure trend still looks sophisticated and easy to style. The versatility of this little piece simply wows me. Bomber can be worn in many ways, plus there are lots of amazing designs, starting from the classics, like MA1 flight jackets, vintage designs to silk-satin versions embroidered and printed ones. Scroll through this gallery to see best ways you can wear your bomber next year.


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A classic black bomber jacket can be worn with ripped boyfriends and simple graphic tee.

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Wedding Outfit Ideas For A Special Day

I am pretty sure you gonna stand out from the crowd during next wedding. Why? I am here to share with you fabulous wedding outfit ideas you can try next 2018. No, no, I am not saying you are about to steal the show, but you definitely will be next lady after the bride. No matter if you are maid or a guest, I've got precious Polyvore sets for all of you. All these ideas of wedding guest dresses will actually make you want to wear again and again. There will be no problem for you to find a genuinely cool dress that will be acceptable for the occasion. Thanks to this compilation, you will easily find a dress you actually like. There are lots of dos and don'ts, like no short ones, too flashy and no white Of course, no one actually got hundreds of dollars to spend on an outfit, that's why I gathered only the best and versatile designs that will work for different parties. No worries, I've got you covered! So, what are you waiting for, have a look through these ideas and let me know your thoughts.


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This pretty shiny blush dress is a perfect choice for ladies who want to feel special and look feminine. Complete it with roses embellished heeled sandals and blush leather clutch.

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Army Inspired Fashion Trend

Smells like Military Spirit. Hello everyone, in today's blog post I want to show you my favorite military inspired collections you can try on next 2018. Think of khaki green, navy, black, army camouflage and military accents. Most fashion labels revamp this trend in their latest collections. It's no wonder why feminism is so popular these days, girls run the world. We see army theme in almost every collection and it's reinterpreted in various ways. The silhouette is kept ladylike, though military accents are added by large buttons, colors, epaulets, breast and cargo pockets. Anyway, take a close up look and choose your favorite combos.


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What do we have here? That's a stunning halter neck khaki green dress styled with leather khaki green backpack and cool suede green army boots embellished with daisy florals.

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