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Lingerie Fashion Trend (Street Style) 2017

Please welcome lingerie trend is here and you better try it on this 2017! In today's blog post I want everyone to see my favorite street style inspired Polyvore fashion sets featuring awesome lingerie must-tries. Underwear has always been present in fashion, it was seen in the form of lace embellishments, sheer paneling details, silken garments, bralettes, tops with strappy backs, sliptanks, as well as slip-dresses. We saw underwear worn as an outerwear. At first we were shocked and now we all die to wear it on the streets. Paradox? It's FASHION! Actually, this is a super smart idea that eases fashion world and gives us plenty of amazing ideas how to make lingerie work with our everyday essentials. In this article I am going to show you easiest ways how to make a slip dress, silk top or lace basics work with different clothes and make it look perfect and daring during the day. Lingerie is not for the bedroom anymore! Why don't you push the boundaries and try something original, sexy and luxe detailed. Enough blah-blah, let's get down to Polyvore sets.


We see a pretty bra top with strappy back worn with high-waisted light blue denim shorts and navy color cardigan. Complete this outfit by adding black leather slip-ons.

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Amazing Bodysuit Outfit Ideas To Flaunt For 2017

Ths 2017 is a big comeback of bodysuits trend. This one-piece garment ideally compliments all your favorite bottoms, no matter if it's a pair of sexy denim cut-offs, skinnies, tight skirt, high-waisted shorts or flowing maxi skirt. This functional clothing staple ensures a smooth, tight fitting finish that easily enhances any outfit. You are about to see many interesting bodysuit designs, including the ones with lace-up detailing, long-sleeved versions with deep V-necks, sleeveless ones with mesh cut-outs, plunging neckline bodices, scoop-necks, etc. Trust me, this one-piece design will look perfectly tightly on your body without looking loose or bunchy. It's a sexy choice that comes in lots of different and intriguing fabrications. I love to see them work wiht everything, starting from cigarette trousers, overalls, midi skirts to suede shorts and culottes. Scroll down to find your favorite Polyvore set.


This white style looks great with beige slouchy sweatshorts and white leather ankle strap sandals.

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Casual Holiday Party Looks

It's time to have a party! Hello dear fashion readers! In today's blog post I want to share with you an awesome collection of casual holiday party looks you can wear at cocktail occasions, formal events and dates. No matter where these parties are going to be held at work, home, or restaurants, you can wear each one of these looks wherever you want. Read on to see the most stylish outfit ideas you can try next week.

Casual Holiday Party Style (1)

How about this cute gold shiny long-sleeve crop top teamed with black mini velvet skirt.

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Street Style Trend: Burgundy & Red Color

It's been a while since my last post. This time I want to draw your attention to street style images where ladies appear in burgundy and red color outfits. I am going to share with you a stunning compilation of photos where ladies appear on the streets wearing creative and functional outfits completed in red or burgundy colors. It's no secret that rich shades make us look festive, rich and sophisticated. If you are in the festive mood, then you are more than welcome to look through this compilation and choose your favorites. Let me know in the comments which one of these looks are your favorites.

Burgundy & Red Street Style Trend (1)

This knitted sweater in light burgundy looks terrific. Try it on with your favorite tailored pants.

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My Favorite Trend To Try This Year: Peekaboo Lace

It's been a while since my last post, sorry, my dearest fashion readers! Today I want to draw your attention to this year's sexy fashion trend called peekaboo lace. This trend is inspired by the night gowns and slip-tanks. I think you all familiar with sexy pajamas, right? Personally, I like sometimes to look special an night for my lovely boyfriend. All I need is a black sexy underwear with lace embroidery, red lips, chandelier earrings and seductive stockings. Maybe just a little bit of red wine. Yes, lace fabric can do so much to create that seductive feeling that will undoubtedly make your special man feel horny.

Peekaboo Lace Street Style (1)

Here we see a black outfit with an open back and maxi sheer lace overlay. The result looks sophisticated and glamour.

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Metallic Fashion Trend

Hello there my dear fashion addicted ladies! In today's post I want to draw your attention to metallic trend that is a must-have for those ladies who want to shine like diamonds. It's time to get high on shine and see something bright and creative, don't you think so? Seriously, this compilation comes with so many interesting ideas and tips to use in your everyday life. If you want to sparkle and shine, then be sure to try on one of these looks. Speaking of possible metallic styles, then you can try on different looks, starting from rock and roll inspired outfits, disco looks, glamour essentials and 1970's drama queen designs. Get yourself high and try on one of these looks next week. Read on to see metallic, sparkling, glittering and lames clothes.

Metallic Fashion Trend (1)

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Winter Street Fashion Trends For Women

If you are in love with street fashion, then I am here to share with you an awesome Winter street style compilation of women's stunning looks. This post is dedicated to cold season must-have essentials to wear from Mondays to Sundays, from work to night clubs. Frankly speaking, there are several pieces and details that are widely popular in the world of fashion. I am talking about long coats, boyfriend jeans, turtlenecks, cropped tops, neutral colors, sneakers and ankle-boots. It's so funny to know that fashion is a cyclical thing that can be modernized with just a bit of details and cuts. Read on to fin out more. Don't forget to let me know in the comments below what is your favorite piece to wear this year.

Winter Street Fashion Trends For Women (1)

Black outfit can be freshen up by a neon orange blouse.

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How to Stay Warm in Style This Winter

Dressing warm and stay on trend is hard to be achieved. Today's topic is how to stay warm and stylish this Winter season. As you all know, everything is possible and doable. You definitely can find ways to keep cold away and look awesome. The best thing so far is the layering. This is an awesome way to stay warm and use a bit of your imagination creating new looks. I've got some tricks and tips to share with you. You gonna be impressed by variety of fabrics used in one single outfit. From fur to leather, layers of knits and even suede.

How to Stay Warm in Style This Winter (1)

How about wearing ribbed knit long cardigan robe with your simple separates, like white tee tucked in ankle-length slim jeans. Complete the look by adding ankle boots and suede brown shoulder bag.

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Warm Fall Days Street Style Inspiration

Don't know how about you, but it feels really warm this Winter. Is this some kind of global warming effect? Hope not. Anyway, we are about to see warm Fall days street style inspiration that is compiled of amazing outfits. As you can see, we still can use cozy clothes with luxe fabrics and thick textures, but we have to do it wisely, if you want them work for warm climates. This year you better look for sleeveless sweaters, no-sleeve coats, ankle-boots, suede skirts and dresses. Every piece is totally wearable. Personally, I do love suede. This heavy material appears on jackets, coats, skirts, dresses and accessories. Pair it with simple separates. Avoid boots with higher shafts. It's better to wear ankle-boots. In other words saying, you can wear fall fashion trends, but do it carefully.

Warm Fall Days Street Style Inspiration (1)

Cable knit cream white off-shoulder sweater will ideally compliment your mid-rise light-blue ripped skinnies.

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How to Layer Your Clothes Like a Pro

What you gonna do when it's cold outside? It's the right time to layer yourself in cozy clothing. If you are afraid of looking like an urban yeti, then I am here to share with you some of the best street style images of ladies who professionally layer themselves in multiple clothes. There are several things to know for layering like a pro. Personally, I think layering equals fashion. Right? I bet I am right. The phenomenon of layering can be discussed. This is quite a trendy thing, rather than a weather necessity. Those guys and ladies who love layered outfits look more sophisticated. If you wonder why, then my answer is: it really creates a more powerful style.

Layered Clothing (1)

A big denim jacket will ideally suit your chunky knit white sweater worn atop elongated white tee paired with knee ripped black skinnies.

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