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The Best Sunglasses Styles For Women

Prepare for the sun! No matter what is the season outside- SUNGLASSES is a must-have attribute of summer and winter seasons. The shades will not only protect your eyes from the sun rays, but also add a kind of chic touch to your personality. In today's post I want you to have a look through the best sunglasses styles for women to wear this year. I think sunnies are best friends for most of people. Why? They are great addition to any outfit. You can hide your tired eyes from everyone, you can add a perfect dose of sophistication to your look.

The Best Sunglasses Styles For Women (1)

Yes, I love these modern beige colored cat-eye sunglasses! They are ideal for wearing with office style basics, as well as with cool sporty urban outerwear.

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How to Wear: Mirrored Sunglasses

I have already wrote about awesome ways of wearing aviator sunglasses, now it's time to speak about mirrored sunglasses. I think every street style guide, any magazine and blog has at least one look what features mirrored sunglasses. This trend is absolute winner for summer season, but there are pretty awesome ways of wearing this trend during the fall months. I am totally in love with their reflective lenses what come in a wide range of colors and can be seen in so many shades shape styles. If it happened so that you still don't own sunglasses this summer, then believe me, the best ones to buy are the mirrored sunnies. They are truly statement ones what automatically give you a statement look. I have rounded up stunning ideas with what to wear mirrored shades, so you better take a closer look through this compilation and let me know your thoughts:

Mirrored Sunglasses (1)

The reflective lenses look awesome with colorful accessories and calm earth hued clothing. Yep, keep the rest of your outfit neutral and classic.

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With What To Wear Aviator Sunglasses

I used to think only men can pull out aviators, but thanks to the Tomboy, military and mannish fashion, I know for sure that aviator sunglasses are unisex. So, the thing about sunglasses is that you can style them with anything you want, starting from classics, preppy Tomboys, punk to casual, sexy, military, grunge, rock and pin-up, all you have to do is to find the right balance, what will make you look fantastic.

Aviator Sunglasses For Women (1)

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Bohemian Chic Sunglasses For Summer

When in doubt, go for Free People sunglasses! Today I bring you an awesome summer 2018 collection of bohemian chic eyewear to wear in your everyday life. I am going to show you my favorite sunnies what will make you look differently from the very first wear. You are gonna be wowed by the variety of styles.

Bohemian Chic Sunglasses For Summer 2015 (1)

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Women’s Hipster Sunglasses For Summer

Every girl, lady and woman loves sunglasses. Why? They make you look sexy, update your style and keep the sun rays away. Today I want you to have a look at some of the best women hipster sunglasses to wear this summer 2018 season. Thanks to Free People we have a great choice of cool sunglasses, starting from round and cat eye to aviator framed sunnies.

Women's Hipster Sunglasses For Summer 2015 (1)

Oversized round sunnies with wrap frames and gold accents.

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Cat-Eye Sunglasses For Women

If you want to make an investment in sunglasses, then I recommend to buy cat-eye frames. It's one of few styles that never goes out of style. Another great thing about these sunnies is the shape what flatter any facial shape. They look fabulous on oval, heart, squared, oblog, round, diamond and triangular faces. In this collection you are going to see some of the best cat-eye styles to try this year.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses For Women (1)

The embellished design is ideal for those ladies who want to wear something creative and unique. Sunnies can be made in a creative design, or embellished with beautiful rhinestones.

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’70s Style Trend – Must Have Pieces

When 1970's are back in fashion. This year is all about nostalgia, and I am not joking! This season, 1970's fashion vibes are officially upon us. You know what, I am totally in! The great news is, you can mix vintage-inspired clothing with modern garments and accessories. I am talking about chic combinations of bell sleeve tops with flare jeans and statement jewelry and platform sandals, or striped long-sleeve tops styled with flared skirts or boot-cut jeans.

'70s Style Trend - Must Have Pieces

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Sunglasses Styles For Real Women

I've got an awesome 2018 collection of women's beautiful sunglasses styles for you tonight. We are going to see this year's must-have designs. No matter what is your personal style, but I am sure you will fall in love with at least one of these chic sunnies. There is an undeniable fact, each of the following designs protects your eyes from the sun rays, but nowadays every new styles completes your outfit and gives you a perfect twist. I have gathered different models what for sure will finish your look. In this collection you are going to see embellished, mirrored, rounded, aviators and many other beautiful styles.

2015 Sunglasses Styles For Women (1)

If you want to finish your party look, then I recommend to try on embellished sunnies. You can even think of some DIY, like taking old pair of sunglasses adding some pretty details, making them festival-ready.

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Spring Inspired Street Style

Talking about 2018 spring inspired street style, then I think it's better to look through these awesome images of Mesi and Panni, two girls who rule Hungarian fashion blog named Style and Blog. Looking through ladies spring outfits, then I see denim, florals, pastel colors and statement neckpieces. Every outfit looks unique and extremely individual. I think it's better to look through all these trendy must-haves to get the idea of this hot season's best outfits. Anyway, let's scroll down and see what is the best outfit to choose:

2015 Spring Inspired Street Style (1)

Make it pastel and flowery. Go for a cool white blazer, semi-sheer white shirt tucked in slim-fit faded floral jeans and finish the look by adding mirrored aviator sunglasses and sexy pumps.

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Round Frame Sunglasses Trend For Women

What sunglasses are in style these days? I guess it's fair to say that rounded frame sunglasses are in vogue this year. In today's post I want to draw your attention to some of the best styles to try on this season. What is so special about them? First of all they have a laid back and fun look. They are ideal for trips, vacations and beach parties. The today's fashion offers awesome updates that are funky, edgy and so in trend. I see many fashionistas in the streets wearing exactly this kind of frame. Well, it doesn't mean wayfarers, mirrored, aviators, massive and funny shaped ones are not in vogue, I mean John Lennon inspired look is back on track. Oh, sorry, some of you might know that these shades were revived in the 1990's, by grunge persons. Anyway, what I mean is that you got lucky, as we see resurrection of this shaped sunnies.

Round Frame Sunglasses Trend For Women (1)

I love these lovely and glamour look. There is kind of sultry sophistication which makes this lady look sexy.

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