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Blouses Outfit Ideas: My Favorite Combos To Copy Now

Hi my dear fashion lovers! In today’s blog post I want to draw your attention to blouses outfit ideas you can easily recreate next 2018. This marvelous top can make you look and feel fabulous. I personally think that every lady who wants to look fashionable and feminine should have at least three blouses in her wardrobe. This elegant top can be worn with a jacket, layered under sweater or worn separately tucked in skirt, shorts, jeans or trousers. I am 100% sure there will be no problem to find a perfect look in this collection. All you need is scroll down your mouse and get inspired. This top can be both casual and formal, but it will keep you look sophisticated and elegant. Anyway, it’s time to express your style by choosing your favorite combo.


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Silvery white blouse looks chic and formal. Try it on tucked in slim high-waisted washed blue jeans. Complete this look by adding white dotted grey long skinny scarf and suede black ankle-boots.

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Cute Outfits For Fall: Awesome Ways to Dress Yourself

Hello my dear fashion readers! I’d like to share with you both fashionable and cute Autumn 2018 outfit ideas you can easily copy. Trust me, in this post are gathered amazing combos you can wear and look fabulous. You can still wear summer pieces, like shorts, skirts and dresses, but I recommend to update them using a well-known layering technique by adding cozy knits and jackets. You are going to see impressive printed tops, trendy denim, functional footwear, impressive accessories, relaxed silhouettes and creative embellishments. All the showcased combos are really sophisticated and stylish. You can find here interesting Fall season must-have combinations that can be easily copied. I personally love casual combinations that can be worn on the streets and different informal events. I am pretty sure there will be no problem for you to get prepared for the upcoming cold season. All in all, let’s see what you can try next Autumn for work, street walks and theaters.


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Plaid print sweatshirt looks trendy, creative and easy to style! Try it on with front buttoned denim blue mini skirt, glossy burgundy leather loafers and matte burgundy leather handbag.

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Fur Outfits For Fall-Winter

If there is something glamour, warm and luxe, then it’s FUR. This time I want you to meet this material that can be used as an embellishment or a perfect layering clothing piece. I gathered all my favorite Polyvore sets for the upcoming Winter 2018-2019 season. You gonna see fur scarves, vests, coats and jackets. This gorgeous material varies in color, style and length. Fur has always been in fashion. Why? It is very easy to combine with your everyday basics and evening looks. Whether your selected fur is real or fake, you can still make most out of it. Just keep in mind one very important thing: you should keep the rest of your look as simple as possible, as fur is chic and glamour by itself. You can dress it up or down, by pairing it with cool sneakers and jeans, or with fancy dress and sexy heels. Browse through my favorite combos and see how to make it look gorgeous on you. Scroll down to find classy and stylish ways how to wear fur in Autumn.


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Draped cream-white coat embellished with fur is worn with a high-neck ribbed knit cream-pink sweater-dress and OTK suede cream-blush boots.

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Fall Fashion: Stylish Combinations To Copy Right Now

In this post I want you to take a look through my favorite Polyvore fashion sets, where are gathered interesting ways how to layer clothes this Fall 2018, as well as warm and chic basic combos you can easily copy right now. I want to help you make some functional and polished looks you can wear in cold and warm Autumn months. Everyone can look amazing, all we need is to find an appropriate and fabulous clothing combination. The showcased Polyvore sets will show you how to style your everyday basics and create something new and trendy that can be worn for your next street walk or for any other event. Every single outfit shown in this collection can make you look sophisticated and modern. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to draw some inspiration and invest in some beautiful outfits. Enjoy and have fun!


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We see a charcoal T-dress worn under faded camel parka. Complete this look by adding black leather platform ankle-boots.

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Winter Fashion Trends: Functional Looks To Try In Cold Months

If you are looking for fashionable outfits to wear this Winter 2018, then you are on the right page, darling, as I am here to show you inspiring polyvore fashion sets you can recreate next year. I’ve got plenty of stylish combinations of warm clothes you can wear in your everyday life. Think of sweaters, jumpers, hoodies, sexy dresses, functional coats and jackets. You gonna be wowed to see super cool combos you can wear in your everyday life, to rock on the streets, to any event, or to make a statement. We all should think about updating our wardrobes with warm clothes. I am pretty sure you will love to try these cute polyvore sets. I rounded up my favorite combos you definitely would like to try. So, what are we waiting for, let’s check them out and have some fun!


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We see a lovely Christmas printed hoodie styled with black leggings, cream-brown Uggs and black knitted pom-pom beanie.

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Skirts For Fall-Winter: Best Looks You Can Recreate

Hello, my dear fashion readers! In today’s blog post I want to inspire you with my favorite Winter 2018-2019 Polyvore fashion sets completed with gorgeous skirts. Each one of these sets is beautiful and ideal for various occasions. I honestly can’t decide which one is my favorite. Most of you think that skirts are spring and summer essentials, but you sure can wear them during chilly season months. When weather is freezing you can wear this bottom piece with leggings, tights and even atop skinny jeans. I have selected impressive outfits for you today. These sets will amaze you and make you say wow! Feel free to copy your favorite one! What are you waiting for? Find your perfect outfit!


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Here we see a lovely plaid wrap mini skirt teamed with a cozy sweater. Complete this outfit by adding black wool coat, chunky heeled black leather ankle-boots and tights.

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Pullovers For Winter: Everything You Should Wear This Year

This time we are going to talk about the most comfiest pullover outfit ideas you can get inspired by to try next Winter 2018-2019. I am so obsessed with this top right now. It’s a perfect choice for cold days, when you want to feel warmth and softness. My personal advice is to choose the one that is neutral colored, so you can create different looks, by dressing it up and down, wear on its own or layer under jackets or coats. Frankly speaking, pullovers are very easy to style, as you can pair them with different color and print accessories, like leopard scarves, neutral color cardigans or ponchos. Thanks to modern designer brands we can find pullovers in various silhouettes, starting from oversized to body-hugging shapes. Below are gathered my favorite Polyvore outfit ideas featuring pullovers you all can copy next year.


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Keep it bright and sexy! Go for a red pullover and style it with dark blue trousers in red windowpane print. Complete this look by adding suede peep-toe lace-up booties or white pumps.

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Trench Coats For Winter: Style Classics Are Back In Fashion

Yes, Winter is coming and you better be ready for it. Why don’t you wear your lovely trench coat? It looks like next Winter 2018-2019 is going to be full of awesome trench coats. I am 100% sure you gonna love all these great Polyvore fashion sets, as I tried to bring you only the best and comfortable looks you all can easily recreate next year. It’s no secret, you can’t go wrong with any of these combos. Why? Each one of these sets is classy, chic and perfect for everyday wear, work, as well as for going outs. This tailored outerwear piece gives a polished vibe to your look, no matter if it’s casual, formal or smart-casual. You can find beige colored styles, pastel colored versions, classic black and many other. This piece of cloth is a must-have for cold season. All in all, check out my favorite and unique styles to choose your favorite combo.


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A basic trench can be worn atop red shirt, black leather leggings and OTK black leather boots.

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Trench Coats For Fall: Best Ideas You Can Use Right Now

Let’s talk about functional outerwear, yes, I mean trench coats. In today’s blog post I’d like to share with you my favorite Polyvore fashion sets you all can recreate next Autumn 2018. In this collection are gathered best ideas you can use and wear right now. There is no secret about trench coats, as they will never go out of style. Thanks to modern designer brands you can find this outerwear piece in different colors, patterns, lengths and fits. You can easily make a statement, just choose your favorite topper and style it with something fashionable. There are numerous of fascinating combinations to wear this Fall. You can wear trench with everything you want and look sophisticated, or you can update your classic outfit with a colorful design. Don’t be afraid to experiment, use your imagination to create fabulous new looks. I gathered impressive new combinations on how to wear trench coat this season, scroll down to find your favorite fashion set.


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This blush tailored mid-length trench coat is worn with whtie t-shirt, white skinnies and strappy blush pointed-toe pumps.

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Trousers For Fall-Winter: Must-Haves In Your Closet

Hello my dear fashion addicted ladies! In this post I decided to share with you unbelievably chic and fabulous trousers you all can try next Autumn 2018. If you want to look trendy and chic in your everyday life, then these Polyvore fashion sets are made specially for you. I’d like to show you incredible colors and fits. You gonna see plaid slim fit bottoms, sweatpants, chinos, wide-leg pants, printed essentials, Prince of Wales patterned, checkered basics, striped, mustard-orange, violet, beige, khaki-olive, black and white. You can combine them with cool shirts, blouses, tees, blazers and cute accessories. Anyway, here are some options that will take you from work to the weekend. Try one of these Polyvore combos and enjoy!


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These skinny pants in tartan look very punk inspired. Try them on with plaid print shirt, ankle flat Ugg boots, stylish winter fedora hat and red leather shoulder bag.

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