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Overalls For Fall-Winter Months

Now, let's talk about overalls. In today's blog post I want to show you this incredible Fall 2018 season style guide on how to wear overalls. I think this is a must-have essential every girl needs in her closet. Why? Overalls are comfortable, can be dressed down or up and you can create many fabulous outfits, starting from classic 1990's inspired ones, bohemian, edgy, sporty, boyfriends and model off-duty looks. Of course, finding a perfect design can take some time, but it's definitely worth it. The fit on the waistline should be comfortable and fitted, but don't go for a too tight version. You can easily pair overalls with a cute turtleneck, pullover, sweater, blouse, etc. These are just few examples of how to style your overalls, if you want to see more, then you are more than welcome to scroll down and see best Polyvore sets you can recreate next 2018.


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This black overall dress looks pretty chic. Try it on with a casual black-white striped tee, platform Chelsea boots and black beanie.

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Maternity Outfits: What To Wear To Stay Chic

If you have a baby bump situation, then this post is made for you my dear reader. This time we are going to see beautiful Polyvore sets of maternity outfits you can recreate in 2018. I gathered colorful and statement outerwear pieces paired with feminine dresses, pretty blazers in relaxed fit, trench coats, sweet blouses, retro inspired frocks, shifts, overalls, etc. In other words saying, no matter how big is your belly, you can still wear trendy outfits. Sure, when it comes to dressing during pregnancy, comfort and style are key factors. Sure, I recommend to put aside all too tight or clingy clothes and stick with silhouettes that flow over hips and belly. I do love to see moms-to-be wearing empire-waist long dresses that are easy to throw on and wear wherever you want. You can create lots of stunning looks while you are pregnant by wearing classy pencil skirts, button-ups, flared skirts, beautiful frocks and skirts with asymmetrical hemlines, color-blocking pullovers and sweaters, horizontal stripes, as well as bright color clothes. Anyway, I think it's better to take a close-up look at possible outfit ideas, right?


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Kim Kardashian looks so cute in this grey dress completed with a black relaxed-fit blazer. She completed this outfit with a spacious black leather handbag and ankle-cuff black sandals.

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Women’s Activewear Fashion Trends

In today's blog post I am going to speak about women's activewear fashion 2018 forecast. Of course, you still can keep things look simple, but we all want to look different, special and make every woman copy our sports outfit. Gym is the place where you publicly show most of your skin, as well as your silhouette. In this report I am going to help you out, by showing my favorite Polyvore sets you can easily copy. Let's start from colors. 2018 will feature all shades of pink, grey, black, blue, green and neon hues. Speaking of prints, we still see abstract patterns, graphics, slogans, branding and shiny textures. Chic activewear has become a wardrobe staple we all want to look fresh, unique and sexy. This clothing helps us achieve all our health goals, as well as keeps us flawlessly stylish. Anyway, scroll down to find all stand out looks you can wear at the gym, yoga classes, park runs, etc.


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Keep it simple! Go for white t-shirt, grey stretchy sweat-leggings, grey-black runners and hooded anorak to be safe from winds and unexpected rain.

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Army Inspired Fashion Trend

Smells like Military Spirit. Hello everyone, in today's blog post I want to show you my favorite military inspired collections you can try on next 2018. Think of khaki green, navy, black, army camouflage and military accents. Most fashion labels revamp this trend in their latest collections. It's no wonder why feminism is so popular these days, girls run the world. We see army theme in almost every collection and it's reinterpreted in various ways. The silhouette is kept ladylike, though military accents are added by large buttons, colors, epaulets, breast and cargo pockets. Anyway, take a close up look and choose your favorite combos.


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What do we have here? That's a stunning halter neck khaki green dress styled with leather khaki green backpack and cool suede green army boots embellished with daisy florals.

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Jumpsuits For Fall Are Trendy As Never Before

If you are in search of an utilitarian clothing staple for the upcoming Fall 2018, then I definitely recommend to try on jumpsuit. This garment makes a singular statement in a stylish manner. No one underestimates the power of jumpsuit. No matter if you are heading to a glamour party or taking a walk in the city, there will always be superior styles to die for! In this Polyvore set compilation I gathered my favorite ideas. Like it or not, but jumpsuit has successfully took its place in modern fashion world.


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Here we see a pretty blush wide-leg sleeveless jumpsuit that can be easily paired with a shortened black fur jacket and strappy pointed-toe black pumps.

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My Favorite Blazer Outfit Ideas

It's time to try on something functional that looks and feels just fine. Think of a classic blazer for 2018, as it's one of the most versatile wardrobe staples for wearing everywhere you want, starting from work to parties. Plus, it can be worn in almost any environment, no matter if it's Spring or Fall outside. In today's post I want to show you my favorite Polyvore sets you can recreate next week. This clothing staple has an ability to instantly change the way you look, no matter if you are sporting casual or formal separates. Indeed, you can either wear skinnies or boyfriend jeans, but once you add a blazer, you automatically start to look chic and elegant. Of course, if you want to look formal-chic, then the best way is to pair your blazer with a cute pair of trousers, starting from cigarette to wide-leg pants. If you are not into pants, then there are lots of chic designs of skirts and dresses, all you need is to find the one with a coordinating color that will underline your uniqueness. To create professional look, then you should choose a blazer in a simpler color palette and style by pairing it with classier pieces. If you are more into extravagant fashion, then I recommend to try on a brighter version, it can be either in a vivid color or printed. Anyway, I think you should take a look through these Polyvore sets to choose your favorite combination.


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Salmon pink blazer is a great choice for warm everyday walks on the town. Try it on with a semi-sheer cargo tank top in white color, floral print bag and strappy high-heeled sandals.

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How To Style Your Blazer

Suit up, ladies! I am here to share with you an awesome collection of women's blazers and best ways how to make them look good on you next 2018. This outerwear garment not only compliments your silhouette, but also adds an impressive touch, no matter if you wear casual or formal clothes. Blazers look great on slender and even on overweight girls, that's why women love it so much. All you need is to find a jacket in a balancing color and work it with your top and bottoms. Trust me, your closet is missing so many beautiful blazers, so why don't you buy one of these creations. I gathered my favorite selection of chic Polyvore sets you all can give a try this year. Every outfit idea showcased below is surprisingly chic and versatile. Below are listed my favorite styles you can buy.


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All in white, why not! We see a totally white look that consists of white blazer, top and trousers, as well as white pumps. As you can see, there is a chance to go either slim fit or give a try to a slouchy look.

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Quick Guide: Knitwear Fashion Trends

Let's talk about knitwear and what should ladies wear in 2018! It's been a while since my last article! Sorry, I am very sorry! Anyway, I am here to share with you my favorite knitwear trends you all can try in the upcoming season. In this post I wanted to show you only the best and functional ideas you can wear from Mondays to Sundays during Fall, Winter and Spring season months. All the showcased Polyvore sets are ideal for women who want to express their individuality. Each look is an ideal key to show off chic and vogue. No, really, most of these looks can be worn in your everyday life, as well as to special events and even during trips. Sure, I will try my best to describe every image in this collection, but I think you already understand the power of knitwear that will make any woman look incredibly stunning. So, why don't you take a close up and scroll down all these impressive outfit ideas and choose your favorites.


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That's the simplest look done in Polyvore. We see a lovely white cable knitwear teamed with black leggings that can be tucked in high brown leather boots.

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