20 Ways To Wear Cargo Shorts

Cargo jacket, cargo pants...CARGO SHORTS! Yes, I'm gonna talk about outstanding 20 style ways how you can rock cargo shorts this year! I don't want to say that denim shorts are not in trend, no, they are great for street walks and parties, but the cargo styles are something little more preppy and ideal for trips. Plus, you can carry lots of stuff in the side pockets if there are such patch pockets. Personally, I like the army green cargo shorts, as they look awesome with casual, as well as with semi-formal tops.

Cargo Shorts (1)

Black cardigan, striped top and khaki belted cuffed shorts. Complete the look by adding straw hat and wrap scarf.

I tell you honestly, after two or three months you think there is now other way how you can style your cargo shorts, but believe me, I have found new ways how to wear them this year. In this article are gathered my favorite ideas, hope you will like them too. No matter if they are navy, green, khaki or blue, you can wear them so many different ways.

Love the simplicity of this look. Girl is wearing simple grey tank top tucked in khaki safari shorts. The look is completed thanks to belt, statement sunglasses and cool clutch bag:

Cargo Shorts (2)

Some like it casual. We see a blue denim jacket, simple white tee, khaki green shorts and flat pumps:

Cargo Shorts (3)

White button-down will complete your favorite short shorts:

Cargo Shorts (4)

White cropped tank top will ideally fit green mini shorts. You can add statement necklace, leopard print shoulder bag and cool sunnies:

Cargo Shorts (5)

Salmon peach blouse looks fantastic and bright tucked in mini khaki green bottoms:

Cargo Shorts (6)

White polka dot black shirt looks polished paired with khaki green bottoms. In love with see-through sunglasses:

Cargo Shorts (7)

Charcoal cardigan, gingham shirt, cool bottoms and rounded black sunglasses:

Cargo Shorts (8)

Another marvelous plaid print shirt is tucked in belted khaki green shorts:

Cargo Shorts (9)

Some like it more office inspired. We see white shirt tucked in khaki safari bottoms. The look is completed thanks to red flat pumps and spacious brown leather handbag:

Cargo Shorts (10)

Light red kimono looks feminine. Try it on atop white tee tucked in high-rise khaki beige shirts. In love with printed heels:

Cargo Shorts (11)

We see Polyvore set image. Chambray shirt, cargo shorts, leather brown bag, lace-up slip-ons and modern aviator sunglasses:

Cargo Shorts (12)

Safari inspired field jacket will ideally fit your favorite neckpiece, striped top and cream white cargo shorts:

Cargo Shorts (13)

A loose-fit button-down and high-heels look fabtastic:

Cargo Shorts (14)

Light blue chambray shirt can be styled with anything you want:

Cargo Shorts (15)

Crispy white top looks vibrant styled with khaki green shorts and white wide-brim hat:

Cargo Shorts (16)

Pale colors will add some ladylike touches to your look:

Cargo Shorts (17)

Mustard cardigan will complete your next Monday look. Complete it by adding lace white top, green army shorts and flat sandals:

Cargo Shorts (18)

Black sweater, striped tee, army green shorts and aviator sunglasses:

Cargo Shorts (19)

Some sexy touches are seen in this outfit. Love the white lace semi-sheer top:

Cargo Shorts (20)

You can keep it simple by styling these bottoms with white tee and neutral color accessories, what will look easy and summery cool. You can add a long vest and some lace details, what will give you an extra boho touch. The cardigan will for sure make you look chic and relaxed. Some ladies love adding sweaters and striped shirts, so you can wear them from summer to mid of fall months. Layering is the key element, while creating your transitional outfit. As I have already told, keep it simple by adding plain tank top, belt and eye-catchy heels. Lace will for sure make you look more ladylike. Some girls love more casual style by adding chambray shirt and pastel sneakers. If you want to add some vibrant touches, then I recommend to try on white simple button-down, colorful flats and your favorite khaki shorts. Don't forget about accessories, as you can keep them simple, or go for gold and statement jewelry. Must-have fall details are the following: cozy cardigan, tights, ankle-boots and wool fabrics. Hope these ideas will help you in creation of your next outfit. Tell me your thoughts in the comments below:

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