Summer Lace-Up Pointed-Toe Flats And Gladiators

Let's talk about lace-up pointed-toe flat shoes and cute flat gladiators. This cut-out trend is so must-have this year. We see lots of fashionistas and fashion lovers wearing them in the town. There is some kind of sophistication in the look of these flats what have lace-ups/straps what go up your leg just a bit above the ankle. This boho chic trendy footwear is ideal addition to your everyday outfits. Some designer brands offer its clientèle above the ankle and knee and above-the-knee length strappy shoes, what are ideal for wearing with shorts and mini skirts.

2015 Summer Lace-Up Flats (1)

Keep it sexy and sultry by wearing black flats with your favorite white sweater-dress.

Birkenstock was a big trend last year and this year's must-have update is polished closed toe ballerina flats with laces. This silhouette comes with pretty laces to tie up right around ankle. They are ideal shoes to make that special oomph look. Trust me, these flats are ideal for those occasions when trainers aren't the ones to wear with your elegant outfit. Wear them with a pair of jeans, 1970's inspired denim skirt or shorts. The flats are on trend again! These office appropriate shoes are sophisticated and ideally work for long walks.

2015 Summer Lace-Up Flats (2)

The white lace dress looks ideally styled with black lace-up flats:

2015 Summer Lace-Up Flats (3)

How about wearing boyfriends and lace-up pointed-toe flats:

2015 Summer Lace-Up Flats (4)

Light-blue shirt, leather midi black skirt and velvet black flats is an ideal look for your work days:

2015 Summer Lace-Up Flats (5)

Wild-rose printed midi dress looks perfect with strappy flat gladiators:

2015 Summer Lace-Up Flats (6)

2015 Summer Lace-Up Flats (7)

2015 Summer Lace-Up Flats (8)

2015 Summer Lace-Up Flats (9)

That's a summery look, what consists of a floppy hat, beige T-shirt embellished with black lace on its front side, leather shorts and multi-buckled pointed-toe flats:

2015 Summer Lace-Up Flats (10)

2015 Summer Lace-Up Flats (11)

2015 Summer Lace-Up Flats (12)

2015 Summer Lace-Up Flats (13)

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