Wedding Trends For Those Who Love Fashion

Okay, ladies! I've got something special for you tonight! I want to draw your attention to this amazing collection of 2018 wedding trends to follow this year. Here are shown best ideas that are great for those ladies who want to try something different. In this collection you are going to see blooming florals, sexy lace, pretty colors and amazing cuts. I've never seen so much of romance in one post. Get ready for your very special moment by viewing all these pretty looks and trends to try on your wedding day.

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You can always go floral! Indeed, the blossoms symbolize beauty and youthfulness. It's a real must have for those who want to have an ethereal and opulent look. As you can see, it can be either a print or delicate floral appliqué. Keep it a bit sophisticated and sexy.

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Lace is already a classic must-have that makes every lady look somewhat boho and hippie inspired. The lace bridal frock is a real trend to follow. This fabric can be used for creating the whole dress, or you can choose gowns where lace is used as an embroidery.

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If you planning on marrying in warm sunny weather, then I recommend to try on lavender or light colored designs. I am 100% sure, you will look like a fairytale princess.

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If you think white is the only color to wear, then you are not right, darling. In today's fashion any color is great. You can go for a lavender, purple shade, pastel or green lemon for your very special day. Keep in mind one thing: it's your wedding day, after all, so you can do and wear whatever you want!

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As I've mentioned before, there are no more rules, as you can make this day as crazy as you want. Think out of the box and try on truly unique creations. I am in love with these watercolor print, pink sequined and abstract floral designs. Indeed, printed gowns are all the rage this hot season. Make your day unique and very exclusive.

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Be individual and try on special silhouettes. Try on unstructured wedding dress. Think of loose, slouchy style. Here we see gorgeous lightweight number (reminds me of boho chic style) and crochet lace version. These tow creations have that special 'informal' vibe what makes them so unique.

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