5 Ways To Wear Birkenstock Sandals

Hey there fashion readers! I've got 5 fabulous ways how you can wear Birkenstock sandals this year. Are you ready to see some of the best styling tips, if yes, then let's have a look. Of course there are ladies who love them and hate them, but despite all those lovers and haters, these shoes are back in vogue. This footwear undoubtedly is one of the most functional and comfortable options to wear from work to the beach. Of course, wedding might be the worst place where you can wear these shoes. Anyway in this post we see fabulous fashion bloggers wearing these cool sandals. Let me know in the comments, who is the professional of styling these shoes

5 Ways To Wear Birkenstock Sandals (1)

You can go for monochromatic design, as you can choose either black or white Birkenstocks. Yep, you can go either totally black or white. Personally, I love fresh and simple looks that are absolute winners for travels. Stay comfy and cool by wearing these shoes in your European travels. Some wear these sandals “from workout to weekend.” I like that kind of post-gym look that is ideal for casual walk-outs. You can keep things fancy and glamour by pairing gold colored styles with your favorite striped ensembles. Other ladies keep things casual and boho inspired. What you think of Birkenstocks? Let me know in the comments below:

Here we see a girl in a black maxi gown styled with khaki green cargo jacket, black aviator sunglasses and white panama hat:

5 Ways To Wear Birkenstock Sandals (2)

Red striped white shift looks pretty awesome styled with bright red shoulder bag and golden Birkenstocks:

5 Ways To Wear Birkenstock Sandals (3)

A totally white look? Why not! Go for this monochromatic basics:

5 Ways To Wear Birkenstock Sandals (4)

LBD and black Birkenstocks. One love:

5 Ways To Wear Birkenstock Sandals (5)

Say hello to the gym fashion. We see lady who is wearing a wrap blue cardigan, white top, black leggings, grey-beige tote and stylish Birkenstocks:

5 Ways To Wear Birkenstock Sandals (6)

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