A New Take On The Bohemian Chic Fringed Sandals

Extra, extra! Boho style has its serious return this year! Fashion Week’s runways were full of hippies and fringes. That's why I bring you this stunning collection of Bohemian chic fringed sandals to wear from streets to special parties. There is no escape this trend, as we see beautiful footwear everywhere. Personally, I have more kind of haute couture feeling about these perfect shoes. Thanks to bright colors every pair of heeled shoes looks modern and sophisticated. All you have to do is to pair one of these heeled sandals with your favorite cocktail dress and keep on dancing all night long.

Bohemian Chic Fringed Sandals (1)

Luxurious sandals in green color embellished with dark green fringes. Yes, I am totally obsessed with these gorgeous sandals. You can wear them with contrast dresses and pantsuits.

Each pair will for sure complement your outfits, no matter if it's office suit or glamorous party frock. I dream to wear one of the following shoes. Just imagine yourself in these bright sandals embellished with fringes, you are wearing printed dress accessorized with cool handbag, stunning belt and statement jewelry. Yes, it's a bold and magnificent look after all. Stay different and wear something unique this year. Below, are shown 8 pairs of incredibly beautiful fringed sandals. Scroll down to see more. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

We see alluring fringes shoes in lust red leather. Another great pair for those who dreams to be different. Try on these marvelous designs with your favorite skirt-suit. In love with thick fringes and buckles:

Bohemian Chic Fringed Sandals (2)

Grey suede sandals with white stripes look Aztec inspired to me.
If you want to make them look perfect, then I recommend to wear them with mini dress or mini shorts. But you can always try them on with your favorite boho clothes:

Bohemian Chic Fringed Sandals (3)

Black heeled sandals with maxi fringes. A perfect look for your special parties:

Bohemian Chic Fringed Sandals (4)

Those of you who like fresh and glamour garments will for sure fall in love with these bright colored peep-toe sandals in yellow, fuchsia and turquoise colors:

Bohemian Chic Fringed Sandals (5)

Bright blue colored style in white stripes. An ideal investment for great evening parties:

Bohemian Chic Fringed Sandals (6)

If you want to keep things minimal, then I recommend to try on these beige suede sandals with fringed cuffs:

Bohemian Chic Fringed Sandals (7)

If you feel like rocking something unique, then go for these adorable heeled sandals in classy reptile print in sand brown, dark green, gray and cappuccino. An ideal way how to stand out and look appealing:

Bohemian Chic Fringed Sandals (8)

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