Are Jean Shorts In Style

If you want to underline your femininity, keep it cool, casual and still look chic, then you definitely should go for denim shorts. These shorts are not only comfy and functional but also great for summer and winter months wear. Sure, if you are looking for glamor fancy look, then denim shorts is not exactly what you should be wearing. I do love this denim piece for a sexy and versatile look. They can be easily dressed up and down. If you want to find out the best ways to wear these jean shorts and look like a supermodel, then you better read on to see incredible street style ideas.

Jean shorts look awesome with everyday basics, like white button-down shirts, make sure to add cute sandals for a put together look. The same shirt/blouse can be tucked into shorts, so the overall style appears more dressed up. If you are not into preppy style, then go for a crop top and layer it with an open plaid shirt, trust me, an extra layer will add the right dose of sophistication. If you want to make things look a bit professional, then go for a fitted blazer and complete it with neutral color slip-on sneakers. Going for a trip? Then you can team denim shorts with a striped shirt, panama hat, and comfy sandals. Well, sometimes it can be a cool idea to go for simple basics, like a fitted black T-shirt, it will keep your outfit look classy and preppy. Now, make things look edgy, just add a black leather jacket layered over a simple tee. The result is simple but effortlessly cool. Denim cut-offs and crop top is also a good combination, complete it with a printed blazer and classy shoes. Now, those of you who want to make their outfit look fresher and more glamour, then go for a statement necklace and chic heels. I do love to see women who brighten up their looks with accessories and jewelry, while the clothes are pretty simple, I mean, they go for a basic tee and classy denim shorts and complete them with luxe accessories, like gold jewelry and fancy clutch.

What To Wear With White Denim Shorts

Now, most of the women have blue denim shorts in their closets. But how about white ones? Trust me, white shorts look brighter and different than the classic ones. They are slightly different from the mainstream designs and look interesting. They would be a really great choice to wear. White denim shorts can be paired with a blue chambray top to create a simple and chic appearance. Such an outfit can be completed with white or nude sandals, but I recommend to give a try to light grey suede ankle boots. You definitely should go for white denim shorts and black-white striped tee, such style is functional and can be completed with a black leather jacket and cool sneakers. Keep it cool with all white look, all you need is a white shirt, white shorts, and lace-up sandals. There are more options to choose from, just need to find your favorites.

Denim Shorts With Tights

If you think that denim shorts are only for summertime, then how about giving them a second life by wearing shorts with tights? Such combo ideally suits that time of year, when a cold chill is felt in the air, but you still want to wear warm weather clothes. Wearing tights with shorts is not easy, but it's 100% doable. Just keep in mind several things, like dark denim shorts are ideal for cold weather days, black opaque tights are ideal for keeping your legs warmer and matching most of the boots and heels. You can go for cutoff denim shorts and style them with black tights, white blouse and cute cardigan in dark blue color.

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