Awesome Neck Scarves To Wear This Season

I love to wear scarves in the summer, as well as in the winter time. Just imagine yourself wearing a bright printed accessory around your neck, it's a perfect way how to complete your look. There are hundreds of amazing designs to wear from day to night. Plus, you can find numerous YouTube tutorials how to tie it right way. I am 100% sure, you won't be bored with this amazing inventory. Indeed, there are simple and unexpected ways to wear it. You can go for modern one loop, turtleneck, infinity loop, waterfall, braid look, European loop, twist, fabulous fashion knot, etc. Each one of these styles will instantly boots your cool factor.

Neck Scarves Street Style (1)

Say hello to wild west, baby! Go for brimmed black wool hat, black leather jacket, white long-sleeve shirt and black polka dot white scarf.

We see lots of It-girls and street style stars wearing this statement accessory in so many ways. I think scarf is the best substitute to statement necklaces. This item will for sure add a certain effortless glamour to any outfit, all you have to do is to style and wear it correctly. The right balance is the must-have. You can wear it with anything you want, starting from simple T-shirts, silken button-downs, to cocktail dresses and suits. The scarf can either give you a really glamorous sex appeal, either make you look edgy and sophisticated. How will you wear this statement accessory is up to you, but like with any trend, first thing is to get some inspiration. Hope these street style images will do their work.

Some ladies wanna keep things simple and choose skinny blue jeans, pinstripe oversized shirt and bandana print scarf:

Neck Scarves Street Style (2)

I love to see this look. The girl appears in a strapless wrap asymmetric top in white color paired with blue denim shorts. Complete the outfit by adding cool skinny scarves tied around each arm and rounded mirrored sunglasses:

Neck Scarves Street Style (3)

Here we see a knotted black neck-scarf in white bandana print styled with pale yellow pullover that is tucked in mini black leather skirt completed with zips:

Neck Scarves Street Style (4)

A turtleneck style neck scarf looks ideal worn with V-neck white blouse tucked in suede high-waisted mini skirt:

Neck Scarves Street Style (5)

An urban warrior is here. We see blonde girl wearing cream-beige tailored coat atop white sleeveless top in white tucked in black leather trousers. Complete the outfit by adding cool black-white bandana print scarf, aviator-sunglasses and geometric shaped tote bag:

Neck Scarves Street Style (6)

Keep things casual and urban chic by wearing big black wool coat, grey tee tucked in knee-ripped washed slim jeans. Complete the outfit by adding statement sunglasses, black-white neck-scarf and leopard print ankle-boots:

Neck Scarves Street Style (7)

Some ladies love to wear smart-casual outfit. Here we see a pretty city dweller wearing blue-white skinny scarf and denim shirt tucked in high-waisted red mini skirt:

Neck Scarves Street Style (8)

An exaggerated grey sweatshirt looks awesome tucked in high-rise denim blue shorts. This casual outfit can be completed thanks to cool black-white bandana scarf:

Neck Scarves Street Style (9)

A turtleneck style neck scarf looks pretty cool styled with pinstripe shirt with cuffed sleeves tucked in blue washed slim jeans:

Neck Scarves Street Style (10)

A fabulous way to make your everyday walks voguish. We see silken turtleneck tied scarf styled with ripped washed blue denim jacket styled with white semi-sheer top tucked in ripped white skinny jeans:

Neck Scarves Street Style (11)

The scarf can be tied on your arm. Try it on with simple, loose-fit black V-neck tee tucked in cream-beige mini skirt:

Neck Scarves Street Style (12)

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