Ballerina Street Style

Fashion takes its inspiration from everywhere around, starting from industries to occupations and street life. Today we are going to observe best tips and ideas to have a ballerina look. It's a beautiful update what makes you beautiful and graceful. You don't have to wear ballerina shoes in order to have ballerina look. You just have to add leotards, tights and beautiful skirts. It's a new trend, what doesn't need to stay in the practice room. Take it in the streets and rock your favorite ballet outfits with a graceful look.

Ballerina Style (1)

Keep attention to voluminous skirts. It can be either tulle skirt or a flowy style what will certainly match your figure. You can choose either pink or black one to make a shout out. Try on a black tight turtleneck and pair it with blush bottom:

Ballerina Style (2)

As I have already told you, you don't have to wear ballerina shoes in the streets, but you better stick to flat footwear what is both comfortable and simple to wear. We see a blush pair styled with slim-fit jeans:

Ballerina Style (3)

Don't forget about your hair. You better make something timeless and retro inspired. How about French twist, topknot or classic updo? We see a lady who wears shortened black sweater long, blush skirt and pretty black accessories, like glossy black handbag and heeled sandals:

Ballerina Style (4)

How about totally pink look? Light pink is so must have for ballerinas! I am totally in love with these matching color separates:

Ballerina Style (5)

Leotard top is a must-have figure hugging piece what will match your skater skirt:

Ballerina Style (6)

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