Best Trench Coats For Ladies

What is the best outerwear to wear from mornings to nights? It's a trench coat. No matter what is your style and what you like to wear, but it seems like trench is an ideal cover-up that suits any style, starting from casual, sporty to office lady and formal evening outfits. This classic outerwear can be worn with anything you want.

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Thanks to designers and brands, we have chance to choose all kind of styles and colors. It's quite easy nowadays to find that one what will suit your taste and budget. You are a lucky one, as I've got an awesome compilation of perfect trenches for your inspiration. Here are presented modern, classic, traditional and many other interesting designs to choose from. Anyway, let's take a closer look at these pretty cover-ups:

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First of all, you need to pick your color. As you can see, there are thousands of cool colors to try, but you need the one that will fit your wardrobe and your style. If you are afraid of bright shades, then I suggest you to choose the neutral colors, like white, camel, black.

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Pay attention to trench's fit. It should fit your shoulders and arms, while the length has to be proper (just a bit loose enough for free movements).

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Think of material. If you plan to use it in your everyday life, then you better choose durable fabrics (nylon, cotton, waterproof materials).

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The length of your cover-up has to be at about mid-knee. The longer ones may look like you are a short lady.

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The details play one of the important roles in your trench. Pay attention to the quality of these details: from buttons placement to lining and cuts.

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