Big And Cozy: 23 Blanket Scarves

This time I want to share with you 23 blanket scarves ideal for wearing in cold weather days. You are about to witness stunning, big and cozy designs in various lengths, shapes, colors and prints. In other words saying there are numerous of fashion styles to try out this year. Believe me, each one of the showcased designs will for sure update your look. Personally, I like these scarves for their versatile and unique look. Of course, there are some tricks and tips to wear them in your everyday life. The problem is that these scarves can look quite bulky and big and even add some pounds to your looks. That's why I decided to show you some tricks to carefully style them with your clothes.

Blanket Scarves (1)

The first things that comes in my mind is the right balance. You can try this checkered version and style it with brown leather fitted jacket, grey sweater and matte leather black trousers.

If you do love big scarves, then I am pretty sure you gonna love this trend. If you are just a beginner to these designs, then let me help you with some basic tips and tricks to make them look awesome on your neck. First of all, you should balance the silhouette. Usually blanket scarf is square shaped and oversized, that's why it's very important keeping the balance of your look by pairing voluminous knitted scarf with slim silhouette clothes. Personally, I love wearing my scarf with slim jacket, fitted sweater and skinnies tucked in boots. What I am trying to say is that you should keep your silhouette and curves feminine. Keep things simple with one-knot style scarf. All you have to do is to wear it in front of your neck and grasp the ends of your blanket scarf and knot it once so that both ends will hand in front of the other side. This is a very elegant look. You can bunch-up your blanket scarf, making a kind of wrap style look. I love when scarf hangs on my neck. Some ladies love to drape it on their shoulders, wearing scarf as a coat or shawl. But you can wear it as a poncho. I am so in love with that sloppy triangle look. Not so long time ago I started to notice many ladies wearing scarf cinched in with a belt. Keep on experimenting with this cozy neck-warmer by creating new looks. Keep on scrolling to get some quick tips that will help you rock the look.

This lady appears with a one-knot style checkered scarf worn atop black top paired with black leather trousers tucked in black suede booties:

Blanket Scarves (2)

Go for a double scarf in different prints and team it with black leather jacket and high-rise knee-ripped jeans:

Blanket Scarves (3)

Bunch-up your blanket scarf as we see in this image. Model is wearing monochrome wrap style teamed with black blazer, slouchy white top tucked in washed blue skinny jeans paired with cuffed heeled booties:

Blanket Scarves (4)

Black scarf looks terrific worn with black blazer, plaid print shirt and skinny blue jeans completed with black leather slip-ons:

Blanket Scarves (5)

Plaid multi-colored style looks terrific worn with black-white striped top, black pea-coat and boot-cut indigo jeans:

Blanket Scarves (6)

Let plaid design hang on your neck. Try it on with dark red coat, cream-white blouse and chevron print flared A-line skirt. Complete the look by adding tights and ankle-boots:

Blanket Scarves (7)

As you can see, scarf hangs on lady's neck, as an accessory. Try this monochrome version with wide-brim hat, heavy black jacket, white blouse, high-rise burgundy leather shorts, grey over-the-knee socks and mannish boots:

Blanket Scarves (8)

I love the way this lady uses her scarf. It's worn as a cape on her shoulders. The outfit consists of pale fuchsia top, cheetah print blue leggings and black leather ankle-boots:

Blanket Scarves (9)

Another cape-look is here. We see grey-white printed version styled with office grey dress and pointed-toe black suede booties:

Blanket Scarves (10)

This lady draped her scarf on her shoulders. Love this double-denim look completed with fringed stiletto camel suede boots:

Blanket Scarves (11)

Houndstooth black-white blanket scarf is worn as a cape on this lady's shoulders. You can style it with brimmed hat, simple black dress and thigh-high socks teamed with black boots:

Blanket Scarves (12)

Blue-burgundy scarf will ideally fit your elongated white-cream sweater and slim fit washed blue jeans. Complete the look by adding brimmed black hat and block-heel camel-brown booties:

Blanket Scarves (13)

A cropped poncho you might say? No, it's a cream-white blanket scarf worn atop black top teamed with black matte leggings and black slip-ons:

Blanket Scarves (14)

Another checkered "poncho" is here. Try it on atop white sweater paired with black leather pants tucked in wedge sneaker:

Blanket Scarves (15)

Cinch it in with a skinny belt. Love this color-blocking design styled with wrap top and leather burgundy high-rise skirt:

Blanket Scarves (16)

Show off your creativity and try to knot it in different way. Love this casual outfit:

Blanket Scarves (17)

Another creative knot is seen in this image. We see wide-brim black hat, blush-whtie checkered "cape" and casual separates:

Blanket Scarves (18)

Here we see lady who's wearing a one-knot style scarf in cream-white and grey stripes. You can wear this cool accessory with tailored black suit jacket and dark charcoal jeans tucked in cool high-rise sneakers:

Blanket Scarves (19)

I see a stunning outfit. Love this cream-grey knitted long scarf worn with white shirt tucked in pleated blush midi skirt:

Blanket Scarves (20)

Brimmed hat will ideally match your cozy multi-striped blanket scarf and black dress:

Blanket Scarves (21)

Checkered scarf is cinched in skinny black belt. Love the way this scarf is paired with houndstooth dress and loose-fit dark blue coat:

Blanket Scarves (22)

Another wide-brim hat is styled with checkered wrap scarf, pinstripe dark blue coat, grey pullover and skinny black jeans:

Blanket Scarves (23)

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