Boho Hipster Girl Outfit Ideas

So, you decided to try a boho style. In this article, I will show you incredible boho chic and boho hipster looks you can copy in real life. What I love about hipstering is the independent thinking that also concerns the fashion world. The following ideas are made for those who are bored of daily styling and want to try some exciting outfits that can completely change their look. Today's fashion world mixes different styles together creating incredible outfits.

That's why hipster and boho can look awesome together. Hipsters and Boho are undoubtedly in trend right now, that's why everyone tries to mix up these styles. Frankly speaking, the clash of these two subcultures creates so many inspiring combinations. The result looks natural and individual. Boho is more about expressing yourself, while hipster is all about keeping your individuality with natural fabrics and flowing clothes and wearing casual style apparel. No matter what you are about to wear, keep in mind: you should feel comfortable and confident.

I do love to see women who appear on the streets wearing flowy blouses with skinnies or flared jeans. The clash of denim and basic T-shirts with flowy skirts and suede fringes is always fun! Indeed, long skirts, dresses, and flared pants look cool with high waisted shorts, band tees, and plaid button-down shirts. It's something like a grunge outfit that was updated with 1970's flower child style.

Today's boho hipsters love high-waisted bleached shorts, oxford shoes, combat boots, Converse, big-framed glasses and sunglasses, plaid and flannel shirts, graphic t-shirts, vests, fedoras, a wrist full of bangles, beanies, oversized sweaters, bowties, skinny jeans, as well as flowy skirts, dresses and gypsy-inspired blouses. What are you waiting for, have a look at the latest street style collection:

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