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How to look nerd but stay chic and sexy? That's a hard question, but I think there is a solution. Everything can be found in details. If you want to achieve a chic nerd look, then you have to follow several rules, or how I call them nerd details, what will make you look preppy, nerd but still sexy. For instance, you may wear a sexy mini flared skirt and lovely jumper or pullover, but once you add plastic optical glasses you automatically start to look like a glamour nerd girl, LOL. It's no secret, nowadays nerd looks have become hottest styles. So, if you are a teen or a young lady, then I am sure, you die for trying this cool, chic nerd look. Anyway, let's have a closer look at some stylish ideas and tips that can help you achieve the trendy nerd look.

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Try on optical glasses! The best and easiest way how to achieve nerd look is to add really fun and original pair of glasses. No matter if you have vision problems or not, you can pull off glasses to look stylish. Go for tortoise shell frames or classic black rimmed plastic ones.

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Something school-girl inspired and sexy? Go for knee-high socks! They are ideal to keep the legs warm and add a perfect geek chic look. I love to see ladies wearing them. Plus, they look awesome with all types of shoes, starting from penny loafers to high-heels.

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Keep it classy and retro inspired by wearing a leather satchel. It's a perfect accessory what will add a stylish school girl look. This structured purse looks good and it's spacious enough to carry all your necessary and unnecessary things inside.

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Speaking of shoes then why don't you try on penny loafers? This menswear trend looks awesome on girls and ladies. They are ideally look on any woman, plus they add a fashionable nerd look as well.

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Pleated skirt is another fashionable nerd addition what makes you look more vintage and unique.

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Tie-neck blouse is a beautiful basic what has a sophisticated look. It automatically gives you a more classic and dressy look what you can incorporate with any kind of bottoms.

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