Chic Style: Peasant Blouses

If you are looking for a peasant blouse, then you are on the right page, darling. In this collection we are going to see fun, comfortable and flowy options for women of all ages and sizes.

Peasant Blouses (1)

Why do so many women like this top, well, I think it's mostly because of its fit, intricate embroideries and prints. You can pair this pretty style with everything you want, starting from pants, skirts, shorts, chinos, overalls and jeans. It's a casual wear piece, what can be worn for trips, weekends and brunches. Personally, I like this top for its loose-fit design and large sleeves. Looking through these images, one thing comes in my mind- boho chic and hippies look. Make your summer relaxed and comfortable by wearing one of these chic breezy tops.

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Keep it Coachella inspired thanks to khaki olive jacket with black leather sleeves, printed blouse tucked in denim cut-offs and spacious shoulder bag.

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The easiest way to wear peasant blouse is pair it with your favorite jeans. If you want to make a contemporary look, what is appropriate for working hours, then I suggest you to wear this top with tailored blazer and slim-fit denim trousers.

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Make some fun with relaxed and loose-fit top and pale turquoise shorts. Finish the look by adding statement sunglasses, nude pumps and matching color clutch.

Peasant Blouses (5)

That's what I call 1970's look: white top and denim flares.

Peasant Blouses (6)

Peasant Blouses

If you will add boots, then be sure to look like a country girl. Go for suede boots to look modern and chic.

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If it happened so that it's cold outside, then I recommend to cover your blouse with a stylish coat or jacket. The peasant blouse can be worn with any outerwear, starting from loose-fit cardigan to biker jacket and tailored trench-coat.

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Skirts are ideal for making a casual look. I like to wear skirts in contemporary print, so that I look like a cool 1990's hippie chic.

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If you want to make an original look, then why don't you try overalls? A printed peasant blouse looks awesome with denim overalls and overall skirt. It's a win win combination.

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Peasant Blouses (13)

Keep it summery cool and hot by teaming your boho top with shorts. There are great looks which feature denim shorts and simple chinos.

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