Garden Party Dress Code For Women

In today's blog post we are about to see lots of nice garden party attire ideas you can easily copy for your next outdoor event. You are going to find lovely outfit ideas for all of your upcoming picnics, park or glamorous alfresco soirées events. Frankly speaking, there are thousands and more garden party outfit ideas, but I decided to show you some of my favorites that are easy to wear in real life. It's no secret, every summer is full of outdoor parties, but we always find it difficult to decide what to wear.

If you are still looking for what to wear to a garden party, then be sure to check out the ideas below and find something interesting and practical. I have a dozen of cool ideas for outdoor birthdays, barbecues and everything in between, yes, I've got your wardrobe covered, baby!

Garden parties dress code can be tricky sometimes, it can be a mysterious dress code. You can't arrive overdressed, either too casual. So how do you get it right? I personally advise you to keep things as simple as you can, the only thing you should worry about is the practicality and comfort of your dress. Now, speaking of garden party dresses 2018, then my secret weapon would be a silk shift dress. You should go for the one with a pretty contemporary shape that can be cinched, accentuating your waist. You are free to use a belt to underline your waistline or keep it laidback and relaxed, leaving it completely loose. Sure, there are other inspiring and functional dresses, like the ones with open shoulders, ruffles, cut-outs, strapless designs, and many more. All you need is to find your favorite.

Next thing I wanted to talk about is garden party footwear. Think of flat shoes, they are great for walking through the grass or gravel, avoid high-heels. Sure, there are some special and glamour garden party events, where you can go for high-heels, but most of the parties are casual and don't have a special floor that gives you the ability to walk in high heel shoes. You are free to try pointed flats, kicks for casual parties. Keep things simple by choosing footwear in neutral tones. The bag has to be small, I do like those little crossbody style bags, but you can go for clutch bags or a small tote bag. Anyway, enjoy this beautiful event in your favorite dress, jumpsuit, romper or whatever you like to wear. Keep it relaxed and lightweight. Scroll down to see more inspirational outfit ideas for a garden party.

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