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If you want to wear something girlish, sweet and flirty, then I recommend to try on tulle skirt. In recent years, we see lots of fashionistas and trendsetters wearing this adorable skirt in the streets. I've got some awesome tips on how to wear tulle skits in real life this spring-summer season.

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First of all, you have to choose between puffy or not puffy skirt. Everything depends on what is the occasion and what clothes you want to style with this skirt. For instance, if we are talking about formal and working hours, then you better choose less puffy design, but if we are talking about street style, then I guess, you can try on slouchy or loose-fit top what can be untucked or tucked into puffy skirt.

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If we speak about working hours, then you better add preppy and elegant garments, so you look less like a little girl and more like professional. I recommend to add a tailored blazer. It will add a perfect balance: menswear inspired cover-up and ladylike skirt.

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Personally, I love to see ladies pairing them with crop tops. Crop tops will add a little allure, what will make the overall outfit look sophisticated, sexy and chic.

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That's quite simple but sweet look: oversized rounded sunglasses, black sweater, blush tulle mini skirt and black booties.

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Biker jackets will for sure add the right dose of sophistication:

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How about playing with mannish clothes. We see lots of ladies wearing tulle skirts with military and biker style jackets. That's a perfect casual combination for those who want to wear something baggy yet chic.

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It's better to avoid wearing ballet flats, otherwise you will look like a real ballerina. If you do want to wear flat footwear, then let it be sneakers, chunky sandals or combat boots. Tulle skirt looks ideal with heeled sandals, pumps or stilettos.

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You can always style tulle skirt with loose-fit, sleeveless tops. It's an ideal look for casual walks or Sunday brunch.

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In love with this maxi black colored bottom styled with white tank top, statement sunglasses and shoulder satchel bag.

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