Gladiator Sandals: Simple Ideas To Look At Your Best

Thanks to modern designers and fashion brands, we see a big comeback of gladiator sandals. It's time to refresh our memory and find the best ways to wear these shoes in real life. The great news is that there is a pair to fit anyone's feet and style. Today's fashion offers ankle-length sandals, as well as bold styles that stretch above your knee.

But wearing gladiator sandals can be quite tricky. Most of us don't have gazelle-like legs to show off the strappy shoes. I've rounded up my favorite street style pics of women wearing all kinds of gladiator sandals. You are about to see great tricks and tips on how to bring in your life this marvelous footwear. I tried to gather cool outfit ideas featuring miniskirts, ripped jeans and sweet dresses. I am pretty sure, the following combinations will serve as a good inspiration for you!

Those of you who want to try knee-high gladiators, then my advice is to keep hemline short, so you don't visually cut your height in half. I do recommend to try heeled, glossy metallic pair to wear for a special party. You can keep it cool with a tracksuit and short gladiator sandals, it will bring an athleisure trend to your everyday look. Flat caged sandals styled with a fitted dress can make you look like a real Grecian lady. A skinny pair of lace-up gladiators can look awesome with summery shorts or white dress, complete this combo with a leather or denim jacket.

If you do like to wear LBD or any other black colored clothes, then be sure to try bright colored sandals, they will surely liven up any look. By the way, gladiator sandals are ideal for music festivals and you can try them on with cool denim cut-offs and ruffled crop top. If you want to feel a bit classy, then go for a white button down and team it with a pencil skirt and ankle-length sandals. This footwear can make your feet appear wider, that's why those of you who have wide feet, or thick ankles should buy sandals with diagonal straps and avoid horizontal straps, otherwise, they will visually widen your feet. Ladies with thin feet can opt for sandals with thin straps that are horizontal.

I find these shoes to be the best option for vacation trips. Go for the ones with flat soles and tie-up straps, or with a zippered style, so you can take them on and off easily when you need it. Gladiators are minimalist shoes, that's why I recommend to coordinate them with bright and printed clothing. Think of large and abstract patterns that can look awesome with these shoes. You can still opt for a solid black or white dress, they are great if you don't know how your day will end: at home or at some fancy cocktail party. I've already mentioned, denim is a good pairing with gladiator sandals, go for denim overalls, denim shorts or a short denim skirt. Don't forget about heeled gladiators, they can be teamed with skinny jeans to visually elongate your legs. As you can see from the street style images, modern gladiator sandals are available in a multitude of materials, cuts, and designs.

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