How To Dress If You Are Computer and Information Systems Manager

Today we witness the huge rise of IT specialists, they are everywhere and have a pretty good income. In this blog post, I will try my best to show you possible ways how to be dressed in different Computer and Information Systems companies. Frankly speaking, we can divide this post into two parts, where the first is about the strict and formal dress code for big companies and the other is for small ones with a relaxed and smart-casual look.

Your responsibilities may involve direct work in both software and hardware, web design database development, as well as the overarching job of designing a company's IT approaches and strategies, that's why it's so important to be concentrated on your work without thinking about the way you look.

First possible outfit idea shown below are for ladies who work in a formal environment, where dress code rules are important and you better follow them to look at your best. True to be said, most IT companies don't have the strict dress code rules, they want the job to be done as fast as possible, but people who work they use to wear neutral, classy and slim fit clothes. If your work is all about device, coordinate, implement and analyze computer-related projects, then you definitely should wear comfortable clothing that doesn't itch or tightens your moves.

That's why I do recommend to keep an eye on the following clothing:

  • classic pencil dress, shift or wrap dress that has to be covered with a shawl, slim jacket or with a fitted cardigan in a neutral color;
  • neutral color jacket, blazer;
  • gray, black or any other neutral color slacks or skirt;
  • classic shirt, neural color top that differs from your slacks or jacket;
  • neutral color flat or mid-heeled shoes that match your bag;
  • minimum accessories and jewelry.

We move on a more relaxed look that is so popular nowadays. You are free to wear whatever makes you feel good, sure, crop tops and mini skirts are not allowed, but you definitely can go for a printed loose-fit cardigan worn over rock band shirt teamed with plaid trousers.

For a more relaxed dress code environment you are allowed to wear:

  • graphic T-shirts;
  • bright color tops;
  • jeans with some little rip details;
  • knee-length skirts;
  • cropped pants;
  • long cardigans in bright colors and prints;
  • short sleeve dresses;
  • funky accessories;
  • cool sneakers and other shoes.

No matter how free dress code you have, you still not allowed to wear:

  • mini skirts, shorts, and dresses;
  • ripped and distressed clothing;
  • offensive print tops;
  • sultry cut-outs.

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