How To Dress Like A French Woman

In today's article, we are about to find out simple tips and tricks on how to dress like French women. I am about to show you great and inspiring French street style images. Most of the blogs offer general tips on how to get the French style and look. I see that lots of fashion ideas are outdated, that's why I decided to create this blog post and find out what French women wear in their everyday lives.

French women avoid wearing gym and activewear apparel on the streets, keep them for yoga, running and other activities, use real pants. If you are a fan of athleisure, then you better go for one or two sporty items and let it be a bag or sneakers. Speaking of footwear, then you are free to wear heels or flat pumps. There are no strict rules about the heel's height. You definitely should forget such word as TREND. Fast fashion is at every corner, but real French women keep their looks unique and classy, that's why I call them style followers. But you can see them adding one or two pieces in their looks from recent fashion shows, creating updated outfits with some cool twists.

I love to see French ladies who keep their outfits simple and neutral colored with some bright or eye-catchy details: Breton stripes, red lipstick, fancy sunglasses, a beret, etc. Just be careful don't go overboard and wear all "French" cliched items at once. As I have already mentioned, keep your color palette neutral and avoid vibrant prints. There is one thing in common between French and Italian ladies: lingerie. Both nations skip cotton underwear and go for sexy lace undergarments. Beautiful lingerie gives us an additional confidence that is so important for us.

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