How To Dress Like An Italian Woman

Every country has its own history, culture, as well as fashion and style. Today I decided to talk about one specific country called Italy. In this article, you are about to find out best style tips and tricks on how to dress like an Italian woman. I will show you inspiring Italian street style ideas showing typical Italian women appearing in beautiful clothes.

Italians take a great attention to the way they are dressed. They will always look at their best, no matter if they walked out for a pint of a milk or they are on the way to a very special party. They do love good quality clothes, but it doesn't mean you have to wear Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana, it has to be made of high-quality fabrics, well-cut and ideally match other clothes. They don't like to flesh too much of skin, so keep it classy and conservative, better avoid bare legs and shoulders. They do love business and formal dressing, no matter if they work in a cafe or financial company. That's why you can find so many "businessmen and women" dressed, as they are on their way to the bank.

All in all, you can easily steal Sophia Loren's dress style, just follow my tips and take a look at these inspiring street style ideas and follow your dream to create a stunning Italian woman style.

Why do they appear so sexy on the streets? Well, they have a self-confidence that comes from the inside out. What does it mean? They wear a gorgeous underwear under their clothes. Lingerie is completed with lace, all sort of cuts, delicate and provocative details. Devil is in the details, that's why it's important to emphasize your best features: have a beautiful cleavage, flaunt it, long and sexy legs, show them, beautiful bust, show a bit... Don't be afraid of wearing high heels! You better learn how to pull off a pair of stiletto heels, as you will see many women wearing those with a grace everywhere around. No matter if it's Summer or Winter, be sure to invest in cashmere apparel. Italian ladies love to wear soft sweaters when it gets cold. Italians do love to wear all kinds of hats, starting from beanies to fedoras and floppy hats. A chic hat creates the right motif and underlines your uniqueness. Speaking of accessories, then you definitely should pick a classic handbag that will make a standout appearance and make you look special and individual.

Keep things special, and dress like a bombshell! Yes, that easygoing sex appeal should be at first place. Sure, you better build your outfit with a statement piece, make it a statement and the rest of your clothes should be less standout. Even if they are basic, choose the ones that are made of qualitative fabrics. Trust me, sometimes the simplest things in your closet are the sexiest. But don't overdo with your look, otherwise, you can end up looking cheap. Each day is special, so don't save expensive things for special occasions. And a little bit of glamour, like sequins, gemstones and glittering have killed nobody.

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  1. The final touch on any Italian woman s outfit is a chic pair of sunglasses. Ray Ban aviators have become the rage for the younger generation, but for a more classic look, model-types favor the likes of Emporio Armani,

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