How to Wear: Bermuda Shorts

Bermudas shorts are here to stay! This season, Bermudas come in sexy shapes and fabrics. It's quite tricky to wear them in your everyday life, that's why I want to show you the best ways how to wear these awesome bottoms. You are going to see magnificent ideas, where ladies appear in Bermudas teamed with cool shoes and accessories.

Bermuda Shorts (1)

Some fashion addicted women find these shorts to be weird and somewhere even ugly. However, they can look good on every style and body type. You gonna be shocked to see different fashionistas wearing these voguish designs. I would say, there is kind of Tomboy touch in these shorts. Don't worry, if you are not long legged lady, even petites can rock this style. Anyway, let's see some tips and ideas on how to wear Bermuda shorts these days:

You can try knee-length white bottoms to wear with a nice crop top. It will give you a sexy look. This combo is perfect for night outs and voguish street walks. Finish the look by adding heels and some pretty bracelets.

Bermuda Shorts (2)

Bermuda Shorts (3)

Think of denim ones. This fabric is perfect for casual and laidback outfits. It looks relaxed and ideal for pairing up with simple tees and blazers. I love this white tunic what comes in a lightweight fabric.

Bermuda Shorts (4)

Bermuda Shorts (5)

If you want something dressy, then go for tailored ones. They are great for daytime street walks, as well as for office hours and trips. Make some fun by wearing them with loose-fit white shirts and ladylike pink cardigans.

Bermuda Shorts (6)

Bermuda Shorts (7)

Keep it fun and bright by choosing whimsy pattern shorts. You can combine them with a nice suit jacket or loose-fit striped pullovers. Keep in mind one thing, print will for sure draw attention to the area where they are worn.

Bermuda Shorts (8)

Bermuda Shorts (9)

Boyfriends look is an awesome choice. You can try on biker inspired look or go for a minimalistic appearance. I love the hint of tomboy style that makes these bottoms easy to style.

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If you do like these styles, then you might be interested in purchasing something new and trendy?!

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