How To Wear Bodysuits In The Streets

Keep it cool, trendy and chic by wearing a sexy bodysuit this year. It looks this hot staple is making a huge comeback, as we see lots of beautiful chics around the world wearing it with their everyday staples. I would say it's the same cool piece as a crop top, so you can combine it with sporty separates. What really drives me crazy about this staple is knowing that it is basically one-piece swimsuit made for the streets.

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Is this sexy? Definitely it is! It feels like we see a sheer white long sleeved top with cut sides tucked in boyfriend jeans.

The comeback of the 80's and 90's doesn't mean we have to wear the same clothing that was worn by our parents. You should implement new ideas into life! I think you agree with me, if I will say that everyone wants to look more sexy, right? Today people want to stand out from the crowd by wearing something differently than others, it's definitely more about style. That's why there is nothing wrong in wearing these bodysuits by showcasing your beautiful torso.

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That's another chic black design with a high V neck tucked in dark skinnies. Finish the look by adding animal printed bag and cool statement sunglasses.

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Keep it sophisticated, sultry and hot by wearing a black piece with a mesh detail.

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Some ladies love metals. Here we see a golden hued design which is an ideal piece for night outs.

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Keep it modern and very chic by wearing a mesh insert detailed bodysuit with evening blazer, high-waisted pencil trousers, lace-up booties and silver, mirrored aviator sunglasses.

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Wide V-neck style with long sleeves is an ideal design for those women who want to try on high-waisted mini shorts.

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If you have something to show off, then try on this white wide neck piece teamed with slim-fit washed jeans.

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If you love risky looks, then try on a lingerie inspired black bodysuit with cool 90's inspired jeans and motorbike jacket.

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If you are a hipster with a boho chic soul, then try on this funky look with neon shades. Finish the look by adding ripped cut-offs and cool rounded sunglasses.

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Keep it simple and try on a red hued version with fur coat. Simple, sexy and very confident.

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By the way, do you remember George Michael 'Too Funky' video, where two models appeared in two bodysuits, where the one looked like a Harley Davidson motor bike and the other one came in silver hue. What I am trying to say is that already in 90's people wanted to invent something funky and sexy, but thanks to modern fashion we can implement this sexy piece with our everyday basics. I want to share with you these beautiful street style looks showing you beautiful chics wearing these almost 'sleepwear' inspired garments with cool shorts, jeans, cut-offs, high-waisted skirts, boyfriends, etc. Of course it can be combined with more formal essentials for office hours. You are gonna find here beautiful designs in short sleeves, long sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, turtleneck models and many other eye-catching styles. The great thing about this garment is that you simply can't take your eyes off it. If you still thinking: should I wear it or not, then I highly recommend to look through these images and get some inspiration before your next buy.

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