How to Wear: Cable Knit Sweaters

Today, my dear fashion readers I am going to show you some of the best ways of wearing cable knit sweaters. It feels like weather is cooling down a little bit. I see lots of chics appearing in cozy sweaters. There is nothing wrong in wearing big, slim, short, long cable knitwear, you just need to know how to style it in the right way. The cable knit texture makes these sweaters look bulky, but it doesn't mean, once you try it, you automatically start to look like a heavy girl. There are beautiful ways how to make this knitwear look ladylike and voguish. Believe me, there are many chic ways to wear them. The trick of wearing cable knits its the right balance of PROPORTIONS. As you can see, these sweaters come in different forms and sizes, all you have to do is to find the one what will fit your skinnies or boyfriends. Anyway, I hope this compilation will inspire you to buy new cable knit.

Cable Knit Sweaters (1)

Here we see a perfect monochromatic look, what consists of a black sweater and matching color pants. Love the knitted head turban.

This shrunken sweater minimizes the bulk look. It looks awesome paired with skinnies, black leather ankle boots. Complete the look by adding a beautiful tartan print cropped jacket:

Cable Knit Sweaters (2)

How about wearing a bright colored one? Here we see a pretty neon pale yellow sweater worn atop matching shirt tucked in tailored wide-leg shortened trousers:

Cable Knit Sweaters (3)

A totally one color look is a must-have. Here we see a one color head-to-toe look in neon turquoise:

Cable Knit Sweaters (4)

If you think of awesome ways of wearing cable knit, then I recommend to try it wearing half-tucked so you can minimize bulky look:

Cable Knit Sweaters (5)

I am totally in love with this white colored one. We see a pretty white style worn with blue washed skinnies:

Cable Knit Sweaters (6)

Keep it sexy and ladylike with an oversized cable knit sweater in light grey color which can be styled with white mini skirt:

Cable Knit Sweaters (7)

Keep it layered. How about wearing a grunge inspired look? Here we see a black military coat worn atop white bulky sweater paired with white shirt and black pencil skirt with zippered pockets:

Cable Knit Sweaters (8)

We see a pretty lady who is wearing a grey colored wool cable knit sweater atop checkered button-down and white denim shorts:

Cable Knit Sweaters (9)

Cream white plus white. Here we see an off-white look consisting of white cable sweater and white jeans. Love the way these separates are styled with aviator sunglasses:

Cable Knit Sweaters (10)

How about wearing your favorite sweate atop ladylike dress, creating a cool countryside look:

Cable Knit Sweaters (11)