How To Wear Colored Sequins

I think we all want to stand-out from the crowd, right? That's why I want to share with some of the best ways how you can pull off colored sequins this year. Let it shine, let it be bright and glamour! No matter if it's an evening or day, you need something fresh and voguish, like sequins!

Colored Sequins Street Style (1)

Say wow to this gorgeous T-shirt in neon blue, green and violet sequins, you can pair it with ripped cuffed boyfriends and black pointed-toe heels.

Of course, you might say that sequins are made for wearing at bachelorette parties, New Year's eves, pageant queens. Some say sequins are made only for those who are still living in 1980's. The jazzy and shiny look frightens so many ladies, that's why if you are one of those girls who has balls, then you might be interested in wearing colored sequins in your everyday life. Yep, sequins can look extremely chic at any time and any place. So, you better check out these images for your one and only inspiration. I love to see colored sequins appearing on casual silhouettes.

We see an Asian girl with a straight bangs and perfect bun wearing high-neck shiny sequined long-sleeve top tucked in rich-blue and violet midi skirt:

Colored Sequins Street Style (2)

White T-shirt in sequined violet stripes looks gorgeous paired with denim cut-offs and white four pair red roller boots:

Colored Sequins Street Style (3)

I adore this black colored sweatshirt with eye-catching sequins. You can wear it with anything you want. Here we see lady's wearing a grey-blue wrap skirt and white sneakers:

Colored Sequins Street Style (4)

A sequined tribal print T-shirt looks awesome styled with white button-down, blue mid-rise jeans, quilted black shoulder clutch bag and blush pointed-toe pumps:

Colored Sequins Street Style (5)

Violet sequined tailored coat is a chic investment. Try it on with blush heavy knit high-neck sweater and matching color pleated trousers. A kind of 1970's update:

Colored Sequins Street Style (6)

Heavy black coat looks stunning worn atop loose-fit cream-white top styled with golden sequin sweatpants paired with black leather booties:

Colored Sequins Street Style (7)

Leopard spot blue coat will ideally match these separates, including blue sequined top and mini flared skirt. In love with aviator sunglasses:

Colored Sequins Street Style (8)

How about sequined patches on your jeans? Love it! We see a black suit jacket worn atop white shirt tucked in cool blue jeans worn with black ankle-boots:

Colored Sequins Street Style (9)

Chambray shirt is tucked in black sequined short skirt with front zip-closure. Complete the look by adding chain handle clutch bag and strappy high-heel sandals:

Colored Sequins Street Style (10)

A sequined blazer? Why not! Go for it baby! Try it on with simple white top and black leather pants:

Colored Sequins Street Style (11)

We see navy blue knitted jumper worn with cool neckscarf and high-rise sequined mini skirt. Complete the look by adding sweet pale white lace-up slip-ons:

Colored Sequins Street Style (12)

Keep it sporty and modern by wearing a sequined short-sleeve sweatshirt:

Colored Sequins Street Style (13)

A simple grey tank top is worn with sequined wide trousers and neon blue pumps:

Colored Sequins Street Style (14)

A sequined jacket looks fun and glitzy! Try it on with cream white shirt, white tee and black leather leggings:

Colored Sequins Street Style (15)

Go bold, go chic, go glamour! Try on pink sweater tucked in belted regular fit sequin-fringed midi skirt paired with low heel pointed-toe silvery shoes:

Colored Sequins Street Style (16)

A windowpane tailored vest looks awesome styled with silvery high-neck top tucked in high-rise white wide trousers:

Colored Sequins Street Style (17)

A sequined glitzy cardigan will ideally fit your favorite lingerie slip-tank tucked in floral wide pants:

Colored Sequins Street Style (18)

Say hello to future! Try this green shiny sequined slim dress for special occasions:

Colored Sequins Street Style (19)

Another eye-catchy tank top in golden yellow sequins. Try it on styled with high-rise grey-black ripped jeans:

Colored Sequins Street Style (20)

Embroidered blue sequin dress...WOW:

Colored Sequins Street Style (21)

A relaxed fit midi gown with wide short sleeves looks 1970's inspired:

Colored Sequins Street Style (22)

A grey-white coat is a perfect match for ribbed knit sweater tucked in black sequined skirt:

Colored Sequins Street Style (23)

Sequined stripes and stars are here paired with skinny dark blue jeans:

Colored Sequins Street Style (24)

I see lots of fashionistas lately rocking sequins during the daylight. These are the best look-at-me clothes what can be paired with anything you want, starting from faded denim to neutral knits and cottons. If you want to know how to NOT looking like a disco ball, then you are more than welcomed to scroll down this gallery and everything by yourself. By the way, let me know your thoughts about sequins, like it or not?

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