How To Wear: Corduroy Skirts

I have one question for you, do you know how to wear corduroy skirts? Yes, we are here to speak about this year's must have trend. So, the corduroy skirt is a stylish bottom piece that can be worn by girls, ladies and women. That's a perfect choice for those who want to balance work and home looks. Indeed, they transform from office to cocktails with a few simple tricks. Speaking of corduroy, then it's a durable fabric that can last for decades.

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In this compilation I've collected the best styles to wear from day to nights. As you can see, there is a nice option to wear them tight and short, so that you can combine it with nicely fitted top or loose-fit shirt. There are awesome ways to wear long and fitted bottoms for offices with a chic white blouse and slim-fit blazer. Or you can try long and fitted style with flowery or lace top for parties. My personal favorites are pleated ones. The color choices of corduroy skirt can vary, as you can go for brown, navy, grey, etc. Speaking of winter, then you can combine your corduroy skirt with warm leggings and a sweater. This kind of outfit looks comfy and cozy.

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How about an office appropriate look? We see a black buttoned cardigan, grey pencil skirt, leopard print scarf and light brown boots.


Another office appropriate look. We see a blush shirt tucked in high-waisted skirt.

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Keep it casual with a simple grey tee tucked in deep blue buttoned mini skirt.

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Keep it cozy with a white cable-knit vest, black and white striped long-sleeve top and straight fit bottom.

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Keep the length maxi! Make it look like boho chic inspired.

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There is kind of 1990's touch in this flannel shirt tucked in brown corduroy bottom.

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