How To Wear: Flats For Women

If you want to wear something comfy, then I recommend to start from the shoes. In today's article I want to share with you awesome ways how to wear women's flats. This footwear is the best friend for those girls and ladies who have to be always in the run, I mean bloggers, nurses, bank workers and journalists. Of course, you might say now: "They do not need always be in the rush! Heels haven't killed no body yet." Well, you might be right in some, way, as sometimes we have lazy days, but no one knows when there be a real busy day. I am 100 % sure, there are ladies who are rally sick of wearing heels. Anyway, I've got this sexy collection of flats that every woman should own. If I've got your attention, then I think we can start our trip:

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When in doubt, go for everyday flats. These tow pairs: suede loafers and polka dot ones are going to be your best friends. As you can see, there are great ways to wear them with your smart-casual outfits. You can either try them with tailored sweatpants and light grey pullover or make it hipster-like and try on brown fedora, light chambray shirt and cool black leggings. These outfits look both comfy and cute.

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If you want to try something elegant and ladylike, then I suggest you to try lace up flats. They are perfect when you want something sexy and functional. They look great with maxi skirts and bulky sweaters, as well as with denim shorts, simple tees and tailored long jackets.

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How about something bold and eye-catching? I mean statement flats, what are perfect for dressing up and simple separates. Go for shiny silvery pointed-toe flats with your favorite black leather leggings and light grey pullover or try embroidered dark blue ones with skinnies and cool heavy coat.

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Nude ones are ideal to show your sweetness and femininity. Try these must-haves with your favorite skinnies and matching nude sweaters or go for a mannish style outfit by combining them with boyfriends and classic button-down.

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Speaking of work, then I recommend to try slipper style footwear that are ideal for running around office. Pick the ones what will match your outfit, like black colored version or metallic hue ones.

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The birkenstocks are making a huge comeback this year, so you better try them with your favorite grunge or tomboy style outfit. Let there be 1990's comeback.

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As I've already mentioned, classic black shoes are always in. You can choose either pointed-toe or rounded styles to match your overall look.

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