How To Wear Heeled Platform Boots

This time I want to speak about great women's shoes- platform boots and how to wear them this year. This footwear makes us look taller and our legs slimmer. Lots of girls dream of wearing such platforms. That's why I decided to share with you cues from various street style images where various bloggers, fashionistas and other street style stars appear in big cities wearing these beautiful, edgy look shoes. If you want to be unique and different, then you should go for the platforms to stand out from the crowd.

Platform Boots (1)

Here we see chunky version in white and black colors. I love to see neon hipsters wearing such footwear.

There are lots of different styles to try on, but my favorite ones are the booties, no matter if they are laced-up or zipped. This design is great for those women who have shorter legs or a longish torso, but if you are skinny, then it's better to avoid platforms, otherwise you will look like an alien. Go for the qualitative ones in classic colors, like black, white or brown. Wear them with tights, skinnies or flares, long dresses or pleated trousers.

Platform Boots (2)

Keep it cool with vintage clothes. We see a floppy hat, striped tank top tucked in semi-sheer maxi skirt which is belted at the waist. Finish the look by wearing cool brown handbag and the same color platforms.

Platform Boots (3)

How about wearing edgy rocker style clothes? We see woman in black leather jacket which covers a printed lightweight ensemble. Try it on with statement clutch and glossy, black leather shoes.

Platform Boots (4)

How about some grunge touches? We see girl wearing a ripped knitted sweater, leather skinnies and lace-ups.

Platform Boots (5)

Speaking of summer time, then I suggest you to take a look at this great outfit, which includes a daisy print romper, wide-brim hat, statement sunglasses and long over-the-knee black socks tucked in chunky shoes.

Platform Boots (6)

Platform Boots (7)

Here we see a cool bomber-cardigan worn with white shirt tucked in black leather shorts which are styled with black tights and lace-up booties.

Platform Boots (8)

Platform Boots (9)

That's a casual outfit. We see a black long-sleeve top paired with grey skinnies tucked in black leather booties.

Platform Boots (10)

There is kind of boho chic touch. We see an elongated knitted cardigan worn atop simple light grey tee tucked in black skinnies and styled with high-heeled booties.

Platform Boots (11)

Platform Boots (12)

That's what I call modern hipster look. We see girl wearing a wide-brim hat, colorful bulky cardigan, neon orange tee and cool denim cut-offs. Finish the look by adding burgundy high-heeled booties and statement rounded sunglasses.

Platform Boots (13)

We see two glamour hipsters wearing neon shade booties. I love the printed tops, neon hued beanie and neon salmon pink backpack.

Platform Boots (14)

Platform Boots (15)

Platform Boots (16)

Platform Boots (17)

Platform Boots (18)

Platform Boots (19)

Platform Boots (20)

Platform Boots (21)

Platform Boots (22)

If you want yourself a sexy look, then I suggest you to try on this glamour white dress with an open back which is worn with sexy tights and black high-heeled booties.

Platform Boots (23)

Platform Boots (24)

Platform Boots (25)

Platform Boots (26)

Speaking of possible outfit styles, then you can team them with rocker/hipster/grunge/hippie/retro/ladylike/glamour style. Wear them in the streets, as it's the best area where you can show off your grace and voguish look. Make sure the rest of your outfit harmonizes your shoes.

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