How To Wear Lace Shorts

That's what I call super feminine. I know, it's not a new trend, but the look of lace shorts drives me crazy. Today we are going to see marvelous new designs and best ways how to wear them on your daily basis. There are pretty much styling ideas what makes the overall outfit look super feminine, but it can be hard to figure out what to wear it with. Of course, you can wear it with a solid-colored tee, but after a while you will feel boring. Fortunately, I've got twenty awesome looks and tips on how to wear them in your everyday life.

Lace Shorts (1)

We see pretty white shorts embroidered with lace paired with matching color blazer and shirt embroidered with pearls.

These bottoms quite often can be seen paired with slouchy knits or teamed with button-downs, plain white shirts, leather jackets, etc. They give you a very delicate and stylish look. Personally, I find every model look specific and unique. Anyway, let's have a detailed look at some of the best pictures and ideas, so you can tell me what is hot and what is not.

A simple denim indigo shirt tied in a knot is styled with white lace shorts and pretty slip-ons:

Lace Shorts (2)

A wide sleeve black tunic is styled with see-through white lace shorts:

Lace Shorts (3)

Keep it edgy and sophisticated by teaming a black fedora with black leather jacket, printed black tee and white ruffled lace shorts. Complete the look by adding ankle black boots, folder clutch and tortoise sunglasses:

Lace Shorts (4)

A mustard loose-fit sweater looks funky paired with black lace shorts:

Lace Shorts (5)

A bright floral blazer looks fantastic styled with white top and black lace shorts:

Lace Shorts (6)

Lace Shorts (7)

Lace Shorts (8)

There is no summer look without striped top. Try it on with white lace shorts and denim jacket on:

Lace Shorts (9)

Lace Shorts (10)

Lace Shorts (11)

Lace Shorts (12)

Grey colored ribbed knit sweater looks modern. Try it on with black lace shorts and semi-sheer black coat. Complete the look by adding a tartan scarf:

Lace Shorts (13)

Lace Shorts (14)

Lace Shorts (15)

Lace Shorts (16)

Black sleeveless top and white shorts, what can be better:

Lace Shorts (17)

Lace Shorts (18)

Lace Shorts (19)

Cashmere pale blue sweater looks fine paired with high-rise black shorts:

Lace Shorts (20)

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