How To Wear: Mom Jeans

Let's get this straight. Mom jeans appear to be cool, casual and irresistibly perfect by having that French touch that looks like you took from your wardrobe the first things on the top of the pile. Some ladies say you have to be brave enough to sport such jeans, but I recommend you to take the courage and buy one pair to update your style. In other words saying: wear whatever you like and looks good on you. I mean go for those staples in which you feel confident and comfortable. If you don't have a sexy, full ass, then you shouldn't really go for the skinnies, instead of them choose the most flattering ones. I say go for mom jeans and combine them with your favorite tops and knits.

Mom Jeans (1)

These trousers have a high waist, pyramid cut, and a baggy fit, though they are real comfy ones. Thanks God they are with normcore trend now. That's kind of 1990's comeback with all those ridiculous and ugly details. Stop fearing the ugliness, make it look perfect and show off your uniqueness. No matter what pair you choose, you know it will look like a crap, but it's the point here. You don't have to show your sexiness, instead go for those jeans which are French-chic. Forget about all those worldwide trends, where stylists only speak about skinnies, high-heels and cop tops. Make your own fashion rules by marrying comfort with individuality. Sometimes it looks hot and sexy seeing lady in mom jeans and simple white shirt. I am sick of those skinny legs, porno leggings and other stuff that shows up your body. I am tired of all this shit, as I want to look fun and cool.

Mom Jeans (2)

I love the way these cuffed ones are paired with lace-up boots, relaxed, semi-sheer blouse and fur coat.

Mom Jeans (3)

Go for the high-waisted ones that look perfect with simple white T-shirt, cool trainers and leopard coat.

Mom Jeans (4)

Keep it simple and urban by tucking in your pullover into moms jeans which are cuffed and styled with camel brown flat boots.

Mom Jeans (5)

Mom Jeans (6)

Mom Jeans (7)

Mom Jeans (8)

Mom Jeans (9)

Mom Jeans (10)

Mom Jeans (11)

Keep it cool with a white shirt styled with cuffed mom jeans and paired with cut-out black chunky boots.

Mom Jeans (12)

Mom Jeans (13)

Mom Jeans (14)

Mom Jeans (15)

Mom Jeans (16)

Mom Jeans (17)

Mom Jeans (18)

Mom Jeans (19)

Of course, everything looks and listens great in theory, but in's a silent horror. The thing is, majority of women set up their selves in a bad mood, by thinking of ugliness. That's why go for positive vibe and set up the great tune and choose something that really suits your body and inner spirit.

Mom Jeans (20)

Mom Jeans (21)

Mom Jeans (22)

Mom Jeans (23)

Mom Jeans (24)

Mom Jeans (25)

Mom Jeans (26)

Mom Jeans (27)

What to you think of these denim trousers? Are they in or out of fashion? How would you wear them this year?

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